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'An Outstanding School' – Ofsted June 2015   Read the report here

Aims and Objectives of Policy
Our policy aims to promote good behaviour and mutually shared respect for others. We operate in a culture where we;

PIP- Praise in public

RIP- Reprimand in private

All staff will be responsible for delivering a consistent approach to dealing with and rewarding children's behaviour in school. Children respond best to dignity and respect and we must make sure that we uphold the overarching principle of this policy. Volunteers, sports coaches or any peripatetic staff share in our values and will enact our codes of conduct and report incidents of poor behaviour to the appropriate member of staff should the need arise.

Relationships are everything. All relationships are built on mutually shared respect and it is our job as educators to ensure that children feel valued, special and happy within this school context. All staff need to have a firm understanding of all children's needs in their class and a global awareness of others within this school. We all must endeavour to understand that our relationships with the children extend beyond the classroom environment and into all aspects of school life. It is important we share, where appropriate, all key information relating to children through professional dialogue.

Respect is always reciprocal and if you feel a child has limited respect for you they may also have low self-respect. Children need to feel 20ft tall and if they do they can challenge the world. In this school a shared consistent approach to treating children as individuals whilst encouraging them to understand team values is at the heart of what we do best.

This system will be underpinned by agreed Codes of Conduct as follows:

As a pupil I will:
  • Always try my best
  • Be polite and respectful to all adults
  • Be polite, helpful, honest and value my time in school
  • Enjoy my learning
  • Take good care of my environment
  • Ask if I need help
  • Treat everyone I meet in the way I would like be treated myself
  • Read with a family member regularly



These are inclusive statements by which we will expect children to behave in school. Rather than manage behaviour, we work on behaviour making sure we avoid shouting through a calm measured approach. We must not lose our temper or put children down. We PIP and RIP which is our guiding principle in school life.

Our Codes of Conduct will cover the following areas:

  • The classrooms - these will be our agreed standards of acceptable behaviour.
  • Assemblies - agreed approach to behaviour in assembly.
  • Break and lunch times - how we play together and communicate with each other at lunchtimes.
  • Trips and visits within the community

All codes of conduct will be displayed around school. It is up to us as professionals to be consistent, making sure that the children learn to follow what we deem acceptable standards of behaviour.

Home Visits and Behaviour Code
All children and parents will sign our behaviour code yearly and it is vital we receive a 100% return. This establishes our boundaries and it is the agreed set of principles by which we deal with children's behaviour in school.

This practice is reiterated through home visits, which are offered to all parents of children who start in Reception and any new starters or in year transfers. These are vital in building the picture of a child's emotional wellbeing and making sure we understand what makes them learn to the best of their ability. Confidential information should be shared with the Headteacher or Senior Leaders in school and other information that supports a positive school learning environment should be shared with all staff through appropriate briefing sessions.

Policy Implementation

House Points Reward System
As part of our Positive Praise & Discipline Policy, we believe that to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, good behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. It is important that positive behaviour is rewarded and we have chosen a School House System in order to promote both individual reward and that of working within a community.

Our children are split into four Houses: Foxes, Squirrels, Hedgehogs and Owls, with House Captains appointed annually to lead their House. Pupils along with siblings remain in the same House throughout their school life to provide consistency and security.

Pupils are awarded individual House Points for a variety of achievements such as producing high quality work, showing exemplary behaviour models and for taking on extra responsibility. Each week all House Points are accumulated to find a weekly winner - this success is shared in a rewards assembly along with the additional reward of 'Star of the Week'. In doing this, it is hoped that pupils will both feel pride in their own achievements and develop a feeling of community worth as they contribute positively to their House achievements.

Blue Certificates /Red Cards
Blue certificates are rewarded to any individual who goes beyond normal expectations and are a way in which to share that recognition with home. Red cards are a sanction given out when the child's standard of behaviour or effort has fallen below our school expectations and is a method of encouraging the child to discuss the situation at home.

Safeguarding - See School Safeguarding Policy.

It is the aim that all behaviour issues are addressed in a positive way. Children should feel that school provides a safe environment.  All staff will have Level 1 training in child protection and will be aware of the designated lead responsible for all safeguarding issues in school. The Head of School is the designated safeguarding lead and will be at least Level 2 trained.

All incidents of bullying are dealt with fairly and consistently in accordance to our Anti-Bullying policy

Monitoring and Review
It is recognised that the success of this policy is reliant on consistent application. This policy along with a home school behaviour code will be sent to parents each September. Parents and children will sign up to this and it is important we have 100% return.

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