St Martins Academy Chester

'An Outstanding School' – Ofsted June 2015   Read the report here

School council members sprung into our meeting this week excited to share all the imaginative budget requests gathered from the student body.

Members of the student council held their first meeting this week and got straight down to business. Each class has been granted a budget of £50, and the student council have been awarded the opportunity to gather ideas from the student body, regarding how to spend the money.

The student council members are looking forward to returning to their class with the good news and the responsibility to propose ideas, discuss with their peers and cast votes, in time for the next meeting.

This week, members representing Bridgegate and Watergate fervently welcomed two children from Newgate to take part in our meeting and guided them through discussion and meeting procedure- thank you student council members! We look forward to welcoming two new children from Newgate every week to ensure they get a chance to observe the important things Student Council do, in the hope they will want to volunteer to be a member next year.

Please encourage your child to get their voice heard by approaching the student council member that represents their class- Here’s to imaginative ideas, happy voting! 

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