Dodge, dip...

DB8, dive, DODGE!

On Thursday evening, friends and family of the children at St Martin's Academy came to school to take part in the very first Inter-House Grownup Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament.  With a class kit and teaching plans supplied free by The British Heart Foundation, the children have spent the last few weeks learning how to dip and dive, duck and dodge in order to be on the winning team.  They soon discovered how fast the game was, how frenetic the throwing and catching could be and ulitmately how much fun they could have playing as a team.  


Not wanting to miss out on the fun, the grownups attended school for an evening of activity as each represented their family house in the hope of winning sought after power points for their team.  The frenetic acivity became fierce as it was soon evident that the throwing power of an adult far outstrips that of a four year old! Even those hardened athletes amongst our parent body felt the gruelling pace of a dodge ball competition and after nearly an hour felt the after effects of a good workout.


After the first round of games, the Owls were flying high with an unbeaten run against the Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Foxes with the Squirrles failing to win a game despite the agility and speed of the team. Looking like they would rsoar away with a victory, the Owls entered the second round and found that the other teams had stepped up their game and were now worthy opponents. The Owls failed to win another game. 


The second games were much more evenly matched as each player had really got the measure of their opposing team with Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Foxes winning two and losing one game only. However, a high score in both rounds secured the overall tournament title for the Foxes, with Owls and Hedgehogs a close second. Squirrels were unable to shake off such a bad start in the first round and were beaten into fourth place.


The evening was a huge success and highlights the importance team sport plays in keeping minds and bodies active.  With a grandfather and a big brother on the pitch last night, all generations were able to play together, getting hearts pumping and having fun.  The work the British Heart Foundation undertakes is vitally important and donations made by players last night and tea and coffee drinkers in school today will help support the charity in the future.