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Super Scientists.

BeFunky collage 18 

Shipgate have had a wonderful week this week that ended with a super science investigation.

The children were very enthusiastic to learn about the differences between melting and dissolving before investigating soluble and insoluble materials. Similarly, later in the week, the children prepared and planned their own scientific investigation, which aimed to answer the following question: how does the temperature of water affected the time taken to dissolve sugar? Shipgate thoroughly enjoyed working together to decide their independent, dependent and controlled variables, as well as their research question. They then all wrote an excellent set of instructions on what they were going to do - well done Shipgate. We cannot wait to carry out the investigation next week.

In maths, at the beginning of the week, the children consolidated their understanding of how to use bar model to solve a variety of words problems. Then, towards the end, they learnt how to find percentages of amounts. Shipgate enjoyed working with a partner at first to share ideas on how to solve the problems, before independently applying what they had learnt later in the week.

Copy of BeFunky collage 9

As part of our English unit this half term, which is looking at persuasive writing, the children have been reading as writers this week. They were given an excellent example piece of writing and have been completing a number of tasks in relation to that text, such as: text mapping, analysing key features, boxing up key themes, and designing a writer's toolkit. Shipgate were also interested to learn how using relative clauses in their writing, helps to make it sound more interesting, and is a great way to give the writer more information about any nouns they are discussing.

In addition to all of this, the children have been super busy learning about products, promotion, price and place and how to improve those products as well consolidating their understanding of what the stakeholder in a debate is, in their debating session. Finally, the children had a great time working in paired teams to solve a variety of questions which involved them to think outside of the box!

Next week, we are starting our christmas concert rehearsals, so please find some time this weekend to rehearse your child’s lines with them. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy your weekend,

The Year 5 Team.

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