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Northgate Homework: Friday, January 26th

Friday 26th January to Thursday 1st February

Any misconmceptions will be addressed after the children complete their homwork tasks. These may be done through whole class, small group or individual sessions.

KS2 Grammar Punctuation and Spelling – Pages 28 & 29 Using ‘ing’ verbs in the present.

KS2 Problem Solving 1

Pages 26 Traffic: The children have completed a similar task this week in school when coollecting and presenting their own traffic survey data. Please encourage them to use and apply these skills.

Page 27 Number Puzzles 5: This requires the children to use and apply the number skills they are developing this year. Hints: 1. Each row, column and diagional should add up to 78 for the first Magic Square and 39 for the second Magic Square. 3. The numbers may be multiplied in any order. The answers will differ depending on the order they are multiplied by. 5. Children may need to be remided that to find the difference between two numbers they should subtract.


KS2 Problem Solving 2 

Pages 12 Number Puzzles: This requires the children to use and apply the number skills they are developing this year. 1. To find the answer for each part of the wheel, the children need to subtract the number from 500. 2. Remind the children they need to apply the methods they have learnt within the classroom – column addition, subtraction, repreated addition and sharing into groups. 4. The children need to use + or – and find the difference between the two numbers. 5. The children will need to use their coloumn addition and subtraction skills throughout the questions.

Page 13 Area: This requires the children to apply the shape skills they are developing this year. Please make sure they read the instructions carefully at the top and remind them that two halves of a shape make a whole.

Sumdog - Please encourage your child to use Sumdog this week.

Spelling - Spellings have been added to your child’s new spelling book. These will be tested on Thursday.

Write 2 or 3 sentences that include as many of your spelling words as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 3 Team

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