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Terrible Tudor Times!


Northgate have absolutely loved every minute of learning about the Tudors and to celebrate two time travellers visited them.

They brought the Tudors to life in the most imaginative, creative and fun way possible, including drama, dressing up, games and crafts. The children were transported back in time to the Tudor era and learned about the plague and the role of the plague doctor, the equipment he would have had and the symptoms he would be looking for. They then created their own plague doctor scripts which they would carry with them identifying different ways to cure the plague including sitting by a hot fire to sweat it out, the use of posie bags, the painting of the red cross on a door and the stick and mask worn by the plague doctor


Through drama the children also explored the role of the wise woman and how she could help people. She helped a woman who was attending a banquet and needed the most up to date fashions of the time including wearing wigs and lead make-up,  father whose daughter was suffering from small pox and needed to buy some treatments and a woman with terrible teeth from eating far too much sugar who needed a way to remove them.


They then experienced life in a Tudor courtroom with Judge William and a range of suspects including Tess who was reported for shouting in the street, a housekeeper accused of being a witch and killing farmers cattle, a young boy who was to be hanged for stealing thirty shillings worth of sheets and the account of Tom Appleby who was accused of accidentally shooting at Queen Elizabeth I and how he was pardoned.


Northgate then revisited their knowledge of roman numerals by playing a tradition Tudor board game, very similar to bingo and learned that number 2 was seen as lucky, as was a wild boar. They then experienced what school life was like in Tudor times and used quills and ink to practise calligraphy of their name. They experienced what life was like at the high table at a banquet and the table manners expected. To round up a wonderful day Northgate had a wonderful time creating traditional syllabub (non-alcoholic of course).


The children have also researched Queen Elizabeth II, creating a timeline of her life so far, her family tree and a fact-file. The children will be using their knowledge of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II to create their exhibition project next week on their chosen Queen. 


In literacy the children have applied their knowledge of play-scripts and converted stories in to plays. Next week the children will be writing a scene from King Arthur as a play.


In maths the children have been learning geometry, identifying the properties of 3D shapes including tetrahedrons and prisms and creating nets for these shapes. Northgate have also learned to identify angles that are right angles and recognise angles greater than and less than this.  They used bots to create algorithms and identify angles.


The children have also learned about advent and created their own advent wreaths as well as their decorations for the Christmas tree. They also celebrated the arrival of St Nicholas in Poland on the 6TH December with an unexpected gift in their shoes.

The secret word is Tudor! 

A jam-packed week, full of learning. Well done Northgate. 

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