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Safety First!


Northgate have had a wonderful week learning about all kinds of safety.

They started the week with a fantastic visit from the Local Authority 'Let’s Walk' team and learned about how to keep themselves safe on the road, including using seatbelts safely and sitting on appropriate booster seats, the Green Cross Code and cycle and scooter safety. They loved receiving their booklets, pencils and reflective key rings thank you. They have also had the opportunity to learn about the role of the Ambulance service in keeping people safe and the equipment they have on board. The children also had an amazing workshop with the Health Box team where they explored what germs are, how we can identify them. They completed their hand-washing training and completed a challenge on how well they wash their hands. The children were full of enthusiasm as they washed their hands and couldn’t wait to investigate if any ‘germs' were still on their hands. Keep up the challenge Northgate! The children also learned about how to keep themselves safe when feeling unwell and completed some basic 'St John’s Ambulance First Aid Training', including jogging our memories on the recovery position.

Northgate also applied their knowledge of keeping safe to their unit of inquiry, learning about Queen Elizabeth I's love of lead paint for her make up and how poisonous it was as well as discussing how one bath a year may not be the most hygienic way to live.


The children were very much interested in learning how Kings or Queens were chosen in the past so to kick-start our learning about Queen Elizabeth II the children learned about the Wars of the Roses. The children had a whistle stop tour of history of the Wars of the Roses by watching Three Minute Histories video clip and completed a treasure hunt challenge where they had to locate 8 different stations that included significant facts and recorded this information identifying whether the red or white rose was ruling at the time. Northgate really enjoyed learning about the Lancaster and York house and how these two sides fought over the throne even though they belonged to the same family until Henry united both families by marrying Elizabeth. The children worked collectively to create a class Tudor Rose as well as designing their own and writing why the wars started.

Northgate then explored their geographical knowledge by learning about counties and boundaries in England. They learned the meaning of counties and shires and how the most historic counties have shire in their name and more recent counties don’t. They also learned the three parts of England where counties do not have shire in their name; ask them and see if they can remember. They located the counties on a map and labelled them as well as identifying the significant battles in the War of the Roses and recording their dates, location and whether it was a win for the white or red rose on a map. Excellent Northgate, you really rose to this challenge and enjoyed learning more about the battles that took place, particularly St Albans who had not one but two.


In literacy the children have planned and written their own legend based on King Arthur and focused on including the features needed for a legend as well as using inverted commas, new speaker:new line and a wide range of punctuated sentences.

In maths Northgate have learned about multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. This was a challenge initially but by becoming mathmagicians and using our magical jumps to make the numbers move the children made huge amounts of progress. They can confidently identify that 0 is a placeholder when digits move and can explain that by multiplying by 10 they move to the left one place (100 two places) and when dividing by 10 they move to the right one place (100 two places). Well done Northgate, a great achievement.

Next week the children will be creating Tudor Houses, please see their homework to find out more about what they need to bring in.

The secret word is Tudor Rose.

A brilliant week of learning Northgate! 

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