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Long Live the Queen!


A huge thanks to all the children who have radiated kindness all week.

The Student Shout-Out Box has proven to be very popular and the children have been an absolute credit in recognising kindness. Well done to Owls too who achieved their mission of completing secret acts of kindness to the rest of the school after taking on this challenge in last week's house assembly. Northgate made the most of their new-found knowledge of myths, legends and fables by creating an original fable with a moral of kindness. The children loved listening to a range of Aesop’s fables, particularly ones they were not so familiar with and produced some fantastic stories, applying their knowledge of inverted commas for direct speech and character description within their writing that they had learned in literacy this week. Their fables were truly fantastic and they should be very proud. They will be using this knowledge of inverted commas and descriptive writing to plan and write their own animation of an Arthurian legend next week and write their legend. If your child has any knights or princesses figures at home could they please bring these in for Monday.


Northgate have had a fantastic week learning more about the Victorians as they learned about key inventions and were surprised to find out that ice cream, jelly babies and the typewriter were first created then. The children sequenced the events in a timeline and recreated it as a train line to represent the importance of trains as transport during that time. The children also used their research skills to find out more about Queen Victoria and created fact-files. They used a search engine to access websites and took notes on key information. They really impressed the teaching team with their ability to not only read the information but also how to select and record the important information.

The children learned more about the role of a monarchy and why people have differing opinions on whether we need a monarchy or not. The children explored the text 'Where the Wild Things Are' and voted for their own king or queen of Northgate. They then debated whether we needed a king or queen and why.


Northgate also learned about the industrial revolution, how during the 19th Century village life changed with the boom of factories and terraced housing created in towns and cities. They studied the artist L.S. Lowry, read a biography about his life and watched a short video documentary on his artistic style and what inspired him to paint. The children particularly like his work ‘Coming Home from the Mill’ and created their own versions of this using pencil drawings, watercolour and pastels.

Northgate had the most wonderful time at Opera House Manchester and were lucky enough to watch Roald Dahl's amazing story about a young boy who makes a marvellous new medicine to cure his grandmother of her terrifying temper. The cast were incredible and really brought the story to life and the roars of laughter and enthusiastic potion making from all the children from St Martin’s ensured it was a day they will never forget. Northgate particularly loved it as they have been reading the Roald Dahl Collection as part of guided reading sessions and their discussions on the play have been non-stop since.

In maths the children have been estimating, counting and writing numbers up to 1000 in numerals and words as well as making representations of these numbers using base 10. The children have also been using their knowledge of counting in 100s from different starting numbers and practising their 4 x table. Reinforcing their times tables at home would really benefit their learning.

The Secret Word this week is Lowry

A wonderful week of learning, well done Northgate!

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