Northgate had the wonderful opportunity to learn with Miss Smith at the start of the week using all their knowledge they have gained during the unit of inquiry How We Organise Ourselves. The children were given the task of organising their own country, this included, writing a constitution, creating their own language, designing a flag, and drawing map outline of their country. The children put their knowledge to the test and have created some amazing pieces of work of a very high quality, which will be showcased on their exhibition display. Miss Smith was particularly impressed with the standard of presentation and how the children took to using pen to write with. There will definitely be some children receiving a pen licence very soon.

The children celebrated the end of their unit of inquiry with a visit to the council chambers. The children had a fantastic lesson learning about the regalia of the Lord Mayor before taking part in a debate, voting in a polling booth, submitting their vote to the ballot box and witnessing the votes being counted. Rather surprisingly, for some of the children, the outcome of the vote was a majority in favour of wearing school uniforms although both for and against came up with excellent arguments. The children learned an important lesson that in order for decisions to be made effectively they need to consider all sides, debate and vote on an outcome. The children then had a very special visit from the Lord Mayor who shared her experiences with the children and they had great fun asking her questions to find out more about it and particularly liked that anyone could be nominated as the Lord Mayor if had previously been elected as a councillor.


Northgate have also celebrated their learning of communities with a visit from our local community project, Chester Zoo. The children had a fantastic workshop with Anya, the Safari Ranger. They learned about the work they do with communities in other countries, specifically the Masai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. This was an incredible insight in to the community project work Chester Zoo do, with the children having the opportunity to learn what life is like in the Masai tribe, how they are organised and the roles different family members have. They loved dressing up in traditional Masai dress, including the jewellery which indicates the status they have within a tribe, the types of homes they live in, the role of a woman and daughter to provide food for the whole family, that children would have to collect 16 litres of water to ensure they would have enough water for one person in the UK and educating and training rangers in how to protect their animals. The children identified the skills they would need to be a successful ranger and completed a challenge where they had to track an animal’s trail and identify which animal it belongs to. They also saw first hand what happens to animals when not protected and learned the significant role Chester Zoo and other charities have had in educating the Masai tribe in protecting their animals and learning farming skills. Northgate even had chance to take part in the Masai Olympics, an event which takes place every two years were men from a range of Masai tribes come to complete to show they have come of age and are now a man.  This is so much better than the older traditional killing of a Lion.

Northgate have put 100% in to their rehearsals of the Harvest Service and have been a credit. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have creating and performing it.

This week has been an incredible showcase and celebration of the children’s learning in Northgate this term. They have had many reasons to celebrate not only in their own individual achievements and successes but in the opportunities they have had including orienteering, UK Military School, visits to Chester Fire Station and the council chambers as well as a visit from Anya, our wonderful Chester Zoo Safari Ranger, who we hope will be visiting us again soon.

The secret word is Masai!

Thank you for all your hard work this term Northgate and thank you for your continued support and encouragement at home, it really makes a huge difference.

Have a fantastic half term!