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Troll Treasoori.

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Northgate arrived to a woodland cottage and much to their surprise discovered a locked chest in the grounds and has yet to find a way to open it.

However they did unearth a copy of The Warrior Troll and Miss Squires introduced them to the world of Thom, Hildi, Scratchen, Tailo and Grimo, who are trolls (and their pets) that live near a Norwegian Fjord. They read extracts from the text and created adverts to describe their characters, using evidence form the text to support their ideas. Northgate also drew Thom and Hildi’s cottage, using only the setting from the author Rachael Lindsay, identifying the importance of description in creating imagery. The budding actors were also given the challenge to develop their use of ‘troll talk’ which is weaved within the story. They learned key and recreated the scene when Thom discovered the casket. In small groups the children planned and performed their scene demonstrating their best ‘troll talk’. This then inspired their learning of how to use of inverted commas. They practically created sentences using punctuation before writing dialogue between to characters from the story.

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The mathemagicians in Northgate have learned fabulous fractions this week, counting in tenths and converting this to decimals, matching unit fractions to amounts pictorially and using equal sharing (division) to solve fraction problems involving numbers. Next week they will be applying their knowledge to sequencing fractions and equivalent fractions.

Our unit of Inquiry this term is Sharing the Planet and Northgate have the privilege of becoming Planet Protectors, preventing plastic pollution in the ocean, a topic very close to our hearts. They began their unit by using collage for their front cover designs and completed an artist study on Jane Perkins, who is well known for using recycled plastic within her art . The children have also completed a carousel of activities in Science, using their prior knowledge to label the parts of a flowering plant, becoming detectives matching the functions of the plants to their name and observing fruits and flowers. In Spanish the children have learned singular and plurals when labelling their body parts and played several games to consolidate this.

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Northgate’s well-being has also been central to their learning, they have created a class feelings charter on how they want to feel in school, include safe, cared for, happy and listened to. They focussed on the words Excellence, Inspiration and Care and what this means to them and how school incorporates this. They then came up with ways in which they can do this for each other in their school community, using their send a shine box to recognise when they want to share a thought and the warm and fuzzy jar, when someone does an act that makes them feel warm and fuzzy they compliment them and add a pom-pom to their jar. They also have ‘morning meeting’ and afternoon check-in where they greet each other using their personalised handshakes and have a moment to talk to each other.

A wonderful week of learning Northgate, well done.

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