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Bright Sparks!


Northgate have had a fantastic week exploring electricity, learning how it is stored, what it is measured in, what forms of power we can use such as coal, oil, wind and  solar power, reflecting on the positives and negatives of each type and why we need to consider other sustainable alternatives that are better for planet Earth- phew! The children used their knowledge of circuits to explore practically how to light a lightbulb and were introduced to Thomas Edison and his version of the light bulb.  Next week the children will explore magnetism and discover the important role William Gilbert had in distinguishing the difference between electricity and magnetism and will begin their artist study looking at an artist who predominantly uses industrial materials.

The mathemagicians in Northgate have used RUCSAC to help solve multiplication word problems and were introduced to the grid method when multiplying a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. Well done Northgate, your knowledge of multiplication has come on leaps and bounds. Quiz your child over the weekend to see if they can remember what RUCSAC means.

As part of their exhibition the children have been asked to design an invention they would feel would benefit the world. The children used the Invention Shed animations as their stimulus to draft, edit and write their instructions on their chosen invention applying their knowledge of the features of instructional writing, including using second person and present tense. The children will be publishing their instructions using a word processor in the coming weeks.

In Spanish the children played loop card games using their knowledge of spanish numbers.

A wonderful week of learning,  well done Northgate.

The Year 3 Team

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