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Lightening Learning.

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This week Northgate have explored light further by investigating how shadows are formed and how they can change.

They have also learned about the properties of materials including transparent, translucent and opaque. They created their own investigation on how to create a shadow using shadow puppets they had made and tested how they could make it bigger or smaller. They then used this knowledge to predict when their shadow might be at its longest (though we couldn’t yet test these hypotheses, thanks to the cloudy November weather).

Northgate have also researched Benjamin Franklin and learned more about his discovery to do with lightning and electrical charges. The children enjoyed creating wonderful information booklets which will lead to their discoveries about the lightbulb and electrical circuits.

It has also been road safety week this week, the children were lucky enough to be visited by PCSO Bartlett who taught them how to keep themselves safe, including the green cross code and using their knowledge or reflective materials the children will be designing a scooter school helmet they think would help keep themselves safe.


In maths the children have proudly worked on their knowledge of 3, 4 and 8 x tables, completing maths hunt challenges, creating arrays, recording as calculations and repeated addition as well completing mastery problem solving challenges.

Instructional writing has continued to be their focus,  they have evaluated a range of instructions, identifying the features used and rating these, as well as labelling the features, testing their knowledge of imperative verbs in a quick-fire quiz and watching 'Red Miss Take and Girl' and the 'Robot est 1892' from the Invention Shed, to create pictorial instructions and use temporal words when drafting their instructions on how to use the Artisans fairytale machine for The Brothers Grimm.

In Spanish the children have developed their conversational skills further, learning to ask a range of questions and answer them and concluded by playing a game of snap, matching the English and Spanish phrase.

A wonderful week of learning,  well done Northgate.

The Year 3 Team  

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