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Lego Masters.


Northgate commemorated the hundred year anniversary, since Armistice was signed, this week.

In literacy the children listened to Edward Elgar’s Enigma variation, considered how it made them feel and recorded any words they associated with it. They also explored the poem In Flander’s Fields by John McCrae, creating drawings as they listened to the poem, recognising the powerful imagery created by the language used. The children enjoyed learning about the history of the poppy and why it is used in remembrance and created beautiful artwork using watercolours

In their UOI How the World Works the children have researched inventions and discoveries that changed the world, including the wheel, lightbulb, electricity, radio waves and the WWW, to mention a few. They also discussed which invention they would uninvent, if given the chance, which proved to be very interesting. The children also identified and sorted man-made and natural light sources using a venn diagram and came to the interesting conclusion that fire could indeed be both. They also completed an investigation in to how light travels and recorded their findings. They independently evaluated their investigations and naturally discussed how to encourage fair testing.


Northgate have also been given the challenge to support Alexandra Park’s bid to be the first pollinator park in the local authority and have created some beautiful bee, butterfly and flower kenning poems.

In spanish the children have been exploring conversation further, extending their knowledge of greetings and communication creating ‘chatterboxes’ in the colour of the spanish flag to encourage their and support their independent conversations.

Literacy has focused on instructions, learning and identifying and evaluating the key features including imperative verbs and temporal connectives. The children were invited to a lego masters challenge, creating their own innovative masterpieces. In partners, the children gave oral instructions as a step-by-step guide to build their creations and recording these as videos before peer assessing them within their class feedback.

The math'magicans in Northgate have identified the value of each digit within a number, represented numbers up to 1000 using place value counters, base 10 and money. The children also recorded their numbers in numerals and words and sequenced them from smallest to largest.

A great week of learning,  well done Northgate.

The Year 3 Team  

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