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Let’s Sparkle!


This week the children have focused on their mental, emotional and physical health as part of well-being week. They have completed mindfulness activities including breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and learning how each of them sparkle in their poetry unit, writing kennings to describe a friend. Northgate have also created a quilt of qualities - the children each designing a patchwork in which they describe the positive qualities they have. The children created a jar of gratitude sharing around the bonfire what they are thankful for with some very thoughtful ideas. Northgate have also reflected on what their challenges are and what encourages them to overcome them by creating a life-sized game of Snakes and Ladders. They have learned to share their feelings in Northgate’s dropbox time to talk and planned a well-being game which they will use algorithms in computing next week.


Northgate kickstarted their unit of inquiry How the World Works with a roaring bonfire, the crackling sounds creating a wonderful atmosphere. The children made and enjoyed eating chocolate apples and shared their favourite bonfire memories. Northgate travelled back in time to The Gunpowder Plot and discovered how Guy Fawkes and his gang revolted against King Charles I when he prevented practicing Catholicism in England. They created some fantastic storyboards on the historical events that led up to November the 5th and why Bonfire Night is celebrated today. They also created calligrams in the shape of fireworks and bonfires in poetry and created beautiful artwork.  


Diwali, the Festival of Light has also had great importance in Northgate this week comparing it to Bonfire night. The children enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and the customs and traditions that Hindus celebrate during Diwali, such as creating Diya lamps and Rangoli patterns to welcome Lakshmi in to people’s homes.  

Well-being week has been a huge success and their visit to LLandudno with all of the juniors was a wonderful opportunity for the oldest children in school to work together.

The Year 3 Team


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