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Eighties Extravaganza!

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A huge thank you to Northgate who put everything into their eighties inspired fashion for Macmillan Cancer Care’s 80’s Disco. They celebrated with an 80’s style fitness work out in PE as well as joining in with National Fitness day on Wednesday to recognise all the active experiences they are offered with a Joe Wicks children’s Hiit session.

This week, the children’s learning has expanded from their discussion on what makes us human. They have classified animals including humans into different categories, identified the main food groups and organised these which proved more difficult than they initially thought, when they realised that most foods don’t fit to one group. They used this knowledge to learn what a balanced diet is. Using this knowledge the children and designed and made their own ‘balanced-diet’ sandwich which had to incorporate at least three of the food groups. Next week the children will learn about labelling and packaging and the digestive system before moving on to studying another culture not so close to home.


On Wednesday we celebrated friendship and considered what a qualities a good friend needs. They wrote their own recipe for what makes a good friend, designed their friendship smoothie, paid a visit to Mr Fruity to purchase their ingredients, used mental maths strategies to add value of ingredients and best of all they created and enjoyed the fruits of their labour.


The mathemagicians in Northgate have been introduced to using the bar method for mental addition and have practised using a numberline to mentally add two numbers. Recalling mental maths strategies has proven to be tricky so we will be focusing on this as a class, each week introducing a new method.

Their storytelling has come to a close this week, the children have learned to use fronted adverbials to vary their sentence openers, used story mountains to plan their innovated version of Through the Magic Mirror and used their draft to publish their final version of their story.

A fantastic week full of learning, well done Northgate.

The Year 3 Team.

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