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Lessons begin to 'Erupt' in Northgate.


Northgate have enjoyed a week full of stories, research and drama!

Within their SPaG sessions this week, the children focused on using contractions, understanding that an apostrophe is used to omit one or more letters. The children worked in pairs to sort contractions to their correct word pairs. Later in the week, the children demonstrated their understanding by modifying a note written to them by the Roman soldiers Caius and Gaius, where they replaced parts of the note with contractions – super job Northgate!


In literacy, the children were introduced to the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit, which was used a stimulus to fuel their creative writing and understanding of the Roman city experiencing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Whilst hearing the story, the children recorded adjectives and adverbs in order to aid the planning of their own versions. Once they had completed a story map to build up suspense and introduce the characters and setting effectively, they began to draft their stories which they will continue next week.

In maths this week, the children have been demonstrating their superb understanding of using column addition and subtraction to solve number problems. In order to provide them with a challenge prior to embracing Eastgate, the children were given questions featuring multiple numbers. It was great to see the confidence the children have built over the year, understanding the need to borrow and carry where necessary – well done!


Within their transdisciplinary learning this week, Northgate guided an element of their learning when they became so interested in the science and geography of volcanoes. After reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’, the children had tons of questions, resulting in a lesson where they began to understand volcanoes and why they erupt. They particularly enjoyed watching the Disney short film ‘Lava’ to stimulate their learning. Later in the week, the children were tasked to learn about Roman food. Provided with a task sheet and their iPad’s, the children began searching for Roman kitchen utensils and gain an understanding of a typical Roman banquet for both rich and poor people. Their independent research provided them with a rich understanding of different aspects of Roman life.

The children were lucky on Wednesday to watch a performance of ‘The Miracle Girl’ by the Hammond School in Chester, with a focus on maintaining their determination and resilience. The story detailed the true story of a young girl who survived days in a rainforest after a plane crash, using her self-belief and growth mindset to be reunited with her family. Later in the day, the children were visited by the author Daniel Morden, who told them an engaging story about his character Jack. Accompanied by violinist Oliver Wilson, the children were transfixed by his magical story telling.


During Wellbeing time this week, the children had the opportunity to take part in Jedi training, where they completed 15 minutes of exercise in the classroom to keep them healthy and happy. On Thursday the class engaged in a guided meditation, where they journeyed to a distant beach to relax their minds.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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