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Northgate have had another exciting week measuring and comparing during this very hot week!

Within their SPaG sessions this week, the children began by continuing their study of homophones, focusing particularly on the use of their, there and they’re. Later in the week, the children explored personal pronouns, using them to ensure sentences are less repetitive by replacing nouns. They worked together to modify sentences before working independently to demonstrate their understanding – superb job!

In literacy, the children put their excitement surrounding the World Cup to good use! After completing their research into the history of the tournament last week, they worked hard to plan their own non-chronological reports. It was great to see how autonomous the majority of children have become, using their prior knowledge of non-chronological report writing to understand the key features and carefully plan the layout of their writing effectively. Once they had created their own picture maps, they drafted their work before writing up their final pieces. Their writing demonstrates an excellent understanding of both the features of a non-chronological report and an interesting read full of World Cup fact – well done Northgate.

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In maths this week, the children have been measuring angles. They began by securing their knowledge of acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles, which they used to estimate angles before measuring them with a protractor. Each child worked extremely hard to ensure they used the protractor properly and provide accurate answers. Later in the week, the children practiced the ability to identify vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Within their transdisciplinary learning this week, Northgate were extremely excited to use the wonderful photos that have been sent in demonstrating how much they have changed over the years. The class worked in house teams to first consider how their responsibilities have changed as they have grown, such as helping with the washing up, keeping themselves safe and ensuring they have everything they need to begin the school day. Once they had discussed and reflected on how their responsibilities and independence change as they grow, they used their pictures to create a PicCollage to detail their thoughts at different stages of their lives. Later in the week, the children looked at the etymology and morphology of words within the English language, particularly Roman words which have Greek and Latin origins we still use today. The children used their iPad’s to research Greek and Latin words and what they mean, such as ‘brachy’ meaning short, ‘nycho’ meaning clawed and ‘echino’ meaning spiny. After considering the meanings of these words, they began to draw pictures of dinosaurs, naming them after the characteristics of their appearance. This proved an exciting task, involving the creation of many new dinosaur species such as an ‘acantho-hydro-cauda-saurus’!

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During Wellbeing time this week, the children discussed kindness and how we can demonstrate ourselves to be compassionate individuals who spread kindness like confetti! After our discussion, we created a space in the classroom to remind ourselves about some random acts of kindness which could be the reason they made someone smile. The children will be encouraged to choose a random act each day to keep our classroom a kind, friendly and happy learning environment.

Northgate concluded their week participating in St Martin’s Sports Day, where each member of the class tried their very best to represent their house teams and understanding the importance of taking part. Thank you for coming to support the children and enduring the heat throughout the afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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