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Footfall Fans!


The children have been continuing their investigation of time this week.

After the exciting start to their final half term before the summer holidays, Northgate have spent their week conducting research about the history of a significant event taking place this year – the World Cup. Early in the week, the children worked hard to find and record facts about the event, in preparation for them to create an information text next week. Their learning put them in good stead for their an extremely exciting Thursday. The children were split into teams within their houses to compete for the St Martin’s World Cup title. Once they were told their designated countries, they completed workshops to create their own kit, prepare flags for their countries, learn key phrases and learn a traditional style dance. These workshops prepared them for an enjoyable opening ceremony, where the children did their countries proud. The competition was tough, with the children giving their all, thriving in the chance to take part - no matter the outcome. The school even congregated outside to see the Queen’s motorcade and waved excitedly as both she and the Duchess passed. It was an exciting moment for all, thrilled at the opportunity to witness royalty in real life! Excellent sportsmanship was displayed throughout the day and a true respect and understanding of other cultures – well done!


Within their SPaG sessions this week, the children have been developing their understanding of the use of apostrophes accurately. Beginning by recognising the difference between singular and plural, the children worked hard to understand apostrophes used for possession and to form contractions. It was great to see the children practicing these skills, which they began to apply within their writing this week.

In literacy, the children used a picture as a stimulus to produce some creative writing. Titled ‘The Mirror in the Attic’, the children were inspired to use their imagination and consider what the picture might be showing. Working in partners to gather adjectives and adverbs, the children planned their ideas and used powerful sentence openers within their writing. Leading the character to distant places, new lands and deep in the sea, their imaginations and learning throughout the year were demonstrated within their writing – which was great to see.

In maths this week, the children were solving problems involving money. At the beginning of the week, the children began by using column addition to find the total of different items within a shop. Later in the week, the children began to calculate change, which proved a great challenge. Evaluating whether column subtraction of counting on is a better method for them, they concluded the week displaying greater confidence in using both strategies to solve money problems. Encouraging the children to apply their learning in a real-world context as often as possible will help to secure your child’s understanding.


To continue their transdisciplinary learning, the children began to investigate the timeline of Roman history. We explored and investigated key events, before producing their own timelines to demonstrate their knowledge. The children will continue to consider other changes over the coming weeks.

In RE, the children continued their focus on Christianity. This week, they learnt about special places within to most Christians. They considered the importance of Bethlehem, Lourdes, Canterbury and other places, discussing why these may be considered special.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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