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A Water'ful Week!


Northgate have been measuring and comparing this week!

In our SPaG sessions this week, the children have investigated a range of prefixes and their meanings. They started by brainstorming words using each prefix, using them to infer their meaning. They have applied a range of skills such as using dictionaries and investigating new vocabulary and language – excellent work Northgate!


Within literacy the week, Northgate continued their wonderful poetry work. After their amazing shape poems last week, they were challenged to complete a kenning using as many clues they could surrounding their Water topic. Due to their success, and enjoying poetry using rhyme, we started to build rhyming words as a class. Although difficult at first, we built a class poem to use as a basis for their individual writing. The results were entertaining and the children used a wonderful use of vocabulary and narrative to build their poems – amazing creativity! On Thursday, the children worked in their house team to decide which poem they would like to rehearse and perform to the class. This led to plenty of actions and fun whilst the children shared their work with the rest of Northgate.

In maths, Northgate have continued exploring measurement. Moving on from telling the time, the children have been measuring the capacity of water in a container. Using measuring cylinders, jugs and syringes, the children were tasked to use the different scales carefully to fill the containers with a set amount of water. The children worked in pairs, documenting their work on the ‘Paper’ app on the iPad’s. Although the classroom got slightly damp in the process, it was excellent to see the children experimenting and applying their knowledge in such a fun and hands on way. Later in the week, the children continued to compare measurements and identify different scales. In order to accurately compare and convert between millilitres, litres and other units of measurement, the children practiced multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.


Within their transdisciplinary learning, Northgate used case studies to compare the accessibility of water in different localities. Reflecting on the readiness of clean, safe water in our lives, Northgate were shocked to hear the stories of children from Uganda and India who were not as lucky as us and many others around the world. The stories of Salmon and Vasanthi having to either travel long distances to access safe water or use dirty water from the nearby swamp fuelled the children to debate the topic – Who has a right to access clean water? The children gathered their thoughts in partners before different members of the class came to share their views and beliefs on water accessibility around the world. It was great to hear the children value and feel grateful for our resources, whilst feeling empathetic and highlighting a need for action to help those less fortunate.


This Thursday proved a very exciting day, where the whole school celebrated the Royal Wedding taking place this weekend. All children arrived dressed fit for the ceremony, resulting in a scrumptious ‘Street Party’ for lunch. It’s safe to say it all went down extremely well with the whole school community, who helped to make it a wonderful celebration.

In RE, the children continued their study of Christianity. This week, the children focused particularly on the miracles of Jesus. After sequencing and considering the events in the stories, the children wrote about why these Bible stories are significant to the Christian faith.

With next week marking the final week of our busy half term, the children, as always, undertake their assessments. These assessments are a celebration of what the children know and how their knowledge has grown throughout their learning. However, this data is used to access the children’s attainment against the curriculum standards. It is therefore important that the children take these assessments seriously, and are fully prepared to show off what they can do. Ensuring the children arrive to school with plenty of rest and a good breakfast will help support them to demonstrate their achievements.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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