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Water Waste!


Northgate have been counting fractions and investigated our readiness for a flood this week.

At the beginning of the week, Northgate were lucky to receive a visit from Dee Valley Water, highlighting and demonstrating the importance of saving water and issues we may face in the future. The children were fascinated to learn the stages of treating water to ensure it meets our taps safe to drink. The children enjoyed working in teams to test their knowledge after the assembly and demonstrate their understanding.

In our SPaG sessions this week, the children have been looking at prefixes and suffixes. Starting to analyse the prefixes re, super, auto and anti, the children problem solved their meaning by using the definitions of words containing these prefixes. Following this, they searched for other words containing these prefixes and produced lists of them. Later in the week, Northgate studied synonyms and antonyms, comparing words that are similar and opposite in meaning.

Within literacy the week, Northgate used their informative assembly to drive further research into how we can help reduce our water usage and how some people in the world don’t have easy access to clean water as we do. Following this research, the children began to plan letters to the Prime minister, requesting help to provide the country with hard facts in the hope of promoting sensible use of water in our homes. We planned sentences using causal connectives to produce a quality letter whilst applying their skills of letter features – superb job Northgate!


In maths, Northgate were investigating fractions. Earlier in the week, the children began by comparing and ordering fractions. They used the symbols < and > to demonstrate whether a fraction is greater or less than another. Then, the children used a recipe to collect counters and answer questions relating to fractions of amounts. Towards the end of the week, Northgate used their knowledge of fractions to identify equivalent fractions and find the ‘odd one out’.

During wellbeing time this week, the children undertook a peaceful meditation session, which certainly helped relax their minds and relax! Following this, we discussed our Growth Mindset, challenging thoughts of a fixed mindset to overcome challenges and become lifelong learners. The children had their pictures taken as part of a display in the classroom to remind them of positive attitudes to learning in all aspects of their learning.


Within their transdisciplinary learning, Northgate learnt about the four main types of flooding. We watched news reports and articles to observe the damage and devastation floods can cause, whilst learning some key facts about how dangerous flood water can be. After learning how dirty flood water can be, none of the children were keen to take a splash! After their learning, Northgate completed an investigation within our classroom to test the effects flooding may have on our classroom, determining whether items would be safe, need to be repaired or replaced. Taking measurements of 1cm, 10cms, 50cms and 1 metre, the children looked at the furniture, electrical items and books which could be affected should a flood occur in our school.

In RE, the children continued their study of Christianity. This week, the children investigated some of the common stories from the Bible, discussing their importance to Christians and the morals they provide.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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