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Northgate have been learning all about the water cycle this week!

Following their exciting return to school last week, Northgate continued their learning about our Water topic. The children were thrilled to visit the National Waterway Museum in Ellesmere Port on Tuesday. Once they arrived at the Museum, the children embarked upon a journey through the Shropshire Union Canal on a long boat called ‘The Centaur’. During their journey, they were able to identify different wildlife and look for historical artifacts along the way. After their trip, they visited the museum to learn about a longboat called ‘Friendship’. The children were interested to learn the history of the boat, the people who lived on the boat and the different types of cargo the boat would carry. After their lunch (and a break from the heavy rain!), Northgate began to investigate maps, considering the types of information different maps provide. They headed inside armed with felt and fabric to try and recreate a map on a large scale. They worked together in their house teams and did an amazing job in the time they were given. The children listened attentively and represented the school extremely well – great job Northgate!


In our SPaG sessions this week, the children have applied their knowledge of capital letters and proper nouns. At the start of each half term, it takes time for the children to remember when they need to use punctuation accurately. During the sessions the children worked together and independently to correct and create sentences with accurate punctuation. Towards the end of the week, the children focused on the difference between common and proper nouns, identifying when they need to use a capital letter – super work Northgate!

After completing their own narrative pieces last week, the children were able to show off their writing skills by creating a recount of their visit to the museum. The children revisited the structure of a recount and used my example to stimulate their ideas. As a class, we planned out the timetable of our visit, to make sure they wrote the events in chronological order. After this, the children worked in pairs, independently and as a class to create their own word banks about each aspect of our visit. This helped the children to consider their language choices prior to drafting their recount – excellent effort Northgate!

In maths, Northgate focused on Roman Numerals. The expectation by the end of Eastgate is they are able to read and write numerals up to 1000. This may seem like a challenge, but each member of the class has enjoyed developing their knowledge. Firstly, the children worked to break codes by decoding Roman numerals, which represented letters of the alphabet. Later in the week, the children practiced writing numbers within 1000, remembering that V represents 5, X represents 10 and C represents 100. The poster below will aid their understanding.


Also in maths this week, the children have been practicing their times table skills through the use of an interactive video. In the afternoons, the children have been challenging themselves to gain a blue certificate for recalling their tables accurately – super practice Northgate!

On Wednesday, the children worked with Mrs Wynne to complete some lovely dream catchers, focusing on the story of the BFG by Roald Dahl. The children investigated various types of Native American Patterns to use a variety of colours and sticks collected from outside. Their outcomes were impressive, a great way to end their series of lessons with Mrs Wynne. We would to express our thanks for all the wonderful work she has completed with the children, which they have thoroughly enjoyed.


On Thursday, Northgate were visited by Martin Beddis, a manager of England Wheelchair Rugby 7s – who provided the children with a demonstration of the sport. Following this, the children went out in groups to compete in games, practicing and applying the rules Martin had taught them. All children had a wonderful time and were disappointed they couldn’t take part every week! It was great to see the children get so involved in a new sport and enjoy competing against each other.


Within their transdisciplinary learning, Northgate learnt all about the water cycle. They discussed the difference between evaporation and condensation, and worked together to sort statements into groups. Before labelling their diagrams, the children rehearsed the cycle orally, with the aid of a rap which they enjoyed having a little groove to within the classroom. 

In RE, the children continued their study of Christianity. This week, the children learnt about the different ways Christians worship, comparing and analysing how these differ to other religions.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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