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Awfully Busy Week!


Northgate have been busy applying their knowledge this week!

Due to our residential next week, the children have been working hard demonstrating their skills within their assessments this week – well done Northgate!

Aside from their assessments, Northgate have also been super busy getting creative! At the beginning of the week, they produced self-portraits for the front covers of their learning journeys. They carefully followed the techniques of splitting up their oval shape to make sure their key features were positioned correctly, admiring themselves in mirrors to try and create an accurate representation of themselves! Their portraits look amazing – hopefully when you see them, their learning journeys will be full of work!


Within their workshop with Mrs Wynne, the children were focused on Problem Solving this week. They began by producing animal kennings, where they thought of 2 words to describe an animal. Trying their best to keep the identify of their animals secret, the children took turns sharing their poems with the rest of the class to see who could identify their animal correctly – super work! Following this, the children headed outdoors to investigate further. They completed an anagram hunt outside, matching colours and numbers to find phrases about Spring. Later in the morning, the children studied some creepy crawlies they might find in the outdoor areas. After learning and classifying different animals, they searched with magnifying glasses to see how many bugs they could find – thankfully none have been found in the classroom yet!


On Wednesday, the children were extremely excited to visit the Floral Pavilion Theatre in New Brighton to watch 'Awful Auntie' performed on stage. Many of the children have read the story and were thrilled to see the words come to life! We are continuing to help the children find genres and authors they enjoy and are accessing a range of texts within the classroom. To provide the opportunity for the children to demonstrate the skills they have been applying within Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar and our Literacy sessions, the children used their visit to the theatre as inspiration to produce a letter. They were tasked to empathise with Stella, the main character from Awful Auntie, and produce a letter to a police constable detailing the horrific time she was having. The children worked hard to plan them independently before showing off their fantastic writing techniques and knowledge of letter features for their writing assessment – excellent work Northgate!

Thank you for taking the time to attend parents evening this week, which provided opportunity for the team to provide feedback regarding your children’s progress. As discussed, comprehension and inference are key skills which we continue to develop with all readers. Accessing different texts and investigating new vocabulary develops their understanding and allows the children to apply these skills within their writing. We have sent home questions which could be used as prompts whilst reading at home to develop these skills – we apologise in advance for the small font!

The children are extremely excited for their residential next week, providing great opportunity for them explore areas outside of the classroom environment. We’ll make sure plenty of pictures are taken to keep you up to date with their activities!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.


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