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Outdoor Learning2

Northgate have been busy making headlines this week!

Within literacy, the children used their exciting election last week to produce newspaper articles. Starting by discussing and identifying the key features, we started to create a class mind map of how the election came together and unfolded. Planning their articles before they completed their first draft, they worked hard to embed the elements we have been developing within our SPaG sessions. Drafting their articles enabled them to review and edit their writing, checking for punctuation and how they could make their sentences more interesting by adding detail and a variety of sentence types. Now that the children have completed their reports, they are ready to present them using ‘Comic Life’ on their iPad’s next week, which will provide their final outcome of their literacy learning this term – well done Northgate.

Towards the end of the week, the children also began to plan a persuasive letter to our local MP Chris Matheson, suggesting something new they want to see within Chester. We’ve had suggestions of skate parks, theme parks, new toyshops and more! Next week, the children will edit and write their final letters – democracy in action!

Within our SPaG sessions, the children have been investigating coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. The children are excited to use acronyms in an attempt to memorise them – FANBOYS and I SAW A WABUB! See the poster below to remind your child of their learning.


In maths this week, Northgate have been working hard to solve problems finding the fractions of different amounts. They started their week by applying their chicken and eggs sharing method. Once they were confident in the rules (that the denominator showed them how many groups they needed to share between and the numerator showed them how many groups to count to find the answer) they were able to develop their confidence solving the problem using their times tables knowledge. Their homework this week focuses on them applying their method, we have sent home a sheet modelling how to find the answer to an example question.


In their workshop with Mrs Wynne this week, the children were excited to create some poetry using alliteration! Using their nouns from their scavenger hunt outside last week, they thought of adjectives and verbs they could use to produce a real tongue twister. After they had drafted their poems, they wrote them on leaves to hang outside and create a poe'tree. On returning to the classroom, they were tasked with creating artwork depicting animals using the natural resources within our playground. The children gathered twigs, leaves and rocks to create different types of animals – super creativity!

Outdoor Learning

For future sessions, it is requested that children come to school in their full uniform as normal and bring their own clothes in a bag rather than wearing them to school. Some of the sessions only require their own clothes depending on the weather or the activity, so the children can change into their own clothes if needed during the session.

Within their transdisciplinary learning their week, Northgate have been continuing to focus on British Values and exactly what it means for us to live in a democracy. The children looked at friendship and respect and engaged in a reflective discussion about 'Individual Liberty'. We discussed the rights of both adults and children and discussed the responsibilities we have to keep ourselves healthy, look after our environment and follow the rules we have both in our school and society. The children began to recognise the difference between their wants and needs, distinguishing between the two to empathise with those who might not have access to their basic human rights as readily as we have. Excellent discussion and reflection skills!


In RE, the children enjoyed the opportunity of visiting our local mosque in Blacon in order to further develop their knowledge of the Muslim faith and their place of worship. The children observed what happens when it is time to pray and had the opportunity to ask questions to understand the beliefs of Muslims.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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