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Votes Count.

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Northgate have been working hard to make their vote count this week!

This week, Northgate have been working had to learn about the different parts of Parliament and how decisions are made within our society. The children were disappointed they cannot vote in a General Election until they are 18, but were excited to learn they could make their voice heard. With our May’hem school fair fast approaching, the children had the opportunity to build manifestos for which stall they wanted Northgate to manage at the fair. We had teddy bear stalls, book stalls, hairstyling stalls and even a suggestion of splat the teacher! They spent time creating posters and rosettes promoting their 'parties', and spent Tuesday lunch time campaigning to the rest of St Martin’s to win their vote! The children recognised the importance of living in a democracy, making sure their voices are heard and they use their vote – excellent team work Northgate!


Within literacy the week, the children have been investigating the key features of non-chronological reports. After analysing and recognising the key features, they were searching for an exciting event they believed should reach the press. Luckily, our exciting election proved the perfect story to share with potential readers. They created their own headlines, planned their story before producing their first draft to edit and improve. Applying their learning from their Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG) sessions, Northgate were able to create some amazing articles – great job!


Within our SPaG sessions, the children have been investigating adverbials, focusing particularly on fronted adverbials. The children began to apply fronted adverbials to describe the time, place, how often and the manner of a verb – well done!

The video and game at the bottom of this page will help support your child’s understanding: Features of a newspaper report

In maths this week, Northgate have been introduced to using the 'Bus Stop' method to solve division problems. They have been working together to support each other to solve questions using 2 digit numbers. Independently, they have been using their multiplication and division knowledge to find the best strategy to calculate remainders and check their answers are accurate.

Within their transdisciplinary learning their week, Northgate have been extremely excited about their election and learning about how important decisions are made. Towards the end of the week, the children began to compare the United Kingdom with New Zealand. They looked at the human and physical geography to investigate similarities and differences between the two countries, looking at population, famous landmarks, languages spoken and prominent religions within them. They produced a piece of writing using their knowledge of subordinate clauses to explain the differences – super work Northgate!


In RE, the children continued their study of places of worship around the world. This week, the children focused on mosques from the Muslim faith. They researched what you might find inside a mosque, finding out why each feature was important for when Muslims worship. Northgate investigated the rules you should follow when visiting a mosque, which will prepare them for an exciting visit next week!

Northgate have also been extremely excited to welcome Mrs Wynne this week, who will be teaching elements of arts and literacy each Wednesday morning. The children had plenty of fun completing scavenger hunts and trying to make the tallest structure using marshmallows and spaghetti! Mrs Wynne will be making the most of our outdoor learning spaces with the class – we look forward to seeing what they get up to next week!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Three Team.

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