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#Hardwork Pays Off!


This week, Northgate have become extremely imaginative inventors!

Within Literacy this week, the children became more familiar with non-chronological reports, beginning with identifying and discussing the key features. Following this, the children completed independent research into a mode of transport. Using their facts, they planned their report before writing them up. Northgate are now full of facts about cars, hot air balloons, bicycles and trains!

In Maths this week, Northgate have been solving fraction problems by adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. The children are beginning to simplify their answers and convert improper fractions to a mixed fraction – Super work!


Also in Maths this week, the children completed research to investigate the different types of vehicles that use our busy school road. Unfortunately, due to the weather, they were unable to complete the research outside, but instead collected excellent results from the Year 6 classroom window! After analyzing their data, they created bar charts to present what they found. It’s safe to say, cars were the most frequent vehicles, although some children were a little disappointed they didn’t catch ‘The Bloodhound’!

Within their transdisciplinary learning this week, Northgate used their knowledge of various types of transport to design their own futuristic vehicle. Then, working in their house teams, they incorporated an idea from each of their designs to create the Ultimate vehicle for the Foxes, Squirrels, Owls and Hedgehogs to travel around school in the future. The children then presented their ideas to the whole class, explaining what each component was for.


Northgate were also extremely lucky to get the chance to see a Tesla car brought into school and also a Spitfire 3000, which they used to identify how transport has changed over the past 30 years. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and make comparisons – exciting learning Northgate!

In RE, the children continued their study of Buddhism and investigating ‘The Four Sights’ of the Buddha. They reflected on the positive things within their own lives, writing about the Buddha’s realisations.

Also this week, the children have had a refresher course on how to wash their hands correctly! Each house team analysed a set of instructions of the do’s and don’ts of washing our hands correctly and a reminder of when we need to ensure we clean our hands.

Washing HandsJPG

Northgate finished the week with a very exciting visit from Dee 106.3 Radio! Jackson’s mum nominated Northgate to receive Workplace of the Week free lunch, resulting in Northgate being surprised with a tray of Subway sandwiches! They tucked into them during their afternoon snack – yummy treats for their hard work!

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