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Mastering Multiplication.


The children of Northgate class have been very busy again this week.

Even with excitement of the delicious Christmas Dinner on Wednesday, the children have had time to learn new maths skills; plan a play script; create amazing artworks and write thank you letters to Steve the Chef. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents at the meal.


The focus in maths this week, has been on multiplication and division. The children began by recalling their previously learning about multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. They then move on to understanding how this process can be used to solve multiplication and division calculations involving multiples of 10 and 100. e.g. 40 x 8 = 320. Some children then moved on to using ‘the grid method’ to solve 2 and 3 digit multiplications. This will be the primary method that the children will learn for multiplication this year. We will also be working on the 8, 9 and 11 times tables.


After some fantastic narrative writing last week, the children have been learning how to turn a story into a play script. These should be completed next week.

The artwork that Northgate have created this half term, under the guidance of our art specialist, Miss Walker, has been amazing, and the children are rightly very proud of their work.


Next week is the beginning of advent and the children have been counting down the days until they can start counting down the days until Christmas for about the last 2 months. So excitement is running very high. The children will be writing a letter to Santa. However, the team will ensure that the letters are given to parents to edit and send in whichever way works best in your home, as obviously some homes don’t have chimneys etc.

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