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Spinning Northgate News!


This week has been another awesome one in Northgate.

The children have been honing their journalistic skills, learning about how light makes photographs (and our eyes) work, and making delicious cupcakes for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday. Somehow the children have also found time to learn about perimeter and practise their distance measuring skills.

After the weekend that Mr Roberts had - cycling and climbing mountains - the children had lots of questions. Channelling their ever-growing inner journalist, Northgate interviewed Mr Roberts, and over the course of the week, wrote their own fantastic news articles about his charity adventure. These were then published on the iPads, and we think the results are fabulous!

As part of their topic, the children have been learning about light and its relationship to the images we see in the media. This week Northgate discovered that white light is made up of all of the colours of the visible spectrum, and completed an experiment aimed at trying to demonstrate this. After creating colourwheels the children found various ways of spinning them as quickly as possible, in order to blend the colours back together and (hopefully!) see a white circle. As you can see from the videos, the children had some success, and really enjoyed the practical exploration of the science that had been taught.


Cakes were a big feature on Thursday, and the whole class had a hand (a clean hand!) in making some of the delicious cupcakes that will be served at the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday. The children are hoping there will be some left over for after their lunch!

Next week Northgate will be travelling to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, as part of their topic. This will give them a better understanding of some of the technologies (such as the printing press and the internet) that have helped to create the media world that we live in.

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