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'An Outstanding School' – Ofsted June 2015   Read the report here

Welcome back after a lovely Christmas holiday. The children have settled straight back in to school life and have been eager to learn. We started the week by sharing our holiday news in circle time and by also thanking Santa and our families for a wonderful time at Christmas. We created New Year's Resolution flip books, drawing, writing and collaging 4 things we would like to learn, or improve at, in school. The children took great pride in their flip books, sharing them with each other. We have also written some beautiful cards this week which we hope you will enjoy seeing soon.

First of all, a massive congratulations to the children who took part in the charity event on Sunday: the Santa Dash in Chester. Well done – we are so proud of you all and can't wait to see your medals.

What a wonderful week we have had in Newgate class. We started it by writing letters to Santa with our wish list, and fortunately everyone thought they had been good this year so Santa is going to be extremely busy on Christmas Eve.

 We hope the children were amazed when they entered our Christmas wonderland on Monday. The children have been so excited in the run up to Christmas. They have enjoyed marvelling at the Christmas tree, garlands and our very festive fire place with each child's hand-made decorated stocking, awaiting St Nicholas's arrival today. We have also created very special cards which will be sent home today.

We continued our learning about health and self care by referring back to what we had learned about Florence Nightingale. We discussed how she had cleaned the hospitals and made sure people were germ free, and how food had to be fresh, which led us nicely into our story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Last week for Children in Need we were fortunate to be visited by not one but two Florence Nightingales, and the children were very excited to learn more about the famous nurse. We began learning about this historical real-life superhero by finding clues in our pass the parcel game. We described photos and paintings of the hospital in the Crimean War, a family portrait and the Order of Merit she was awarded. We also looked at the traditional nursing uniform, or lack of, and her doctor's kit. The historical knowledge of the children was very good once they had watched the BBC video of Florence Nightingale's life story. The children practically sorted and categorised hospitals and nurses in the past and in the present, focusing on equipment, cleanliness and uniform. They boys especially liked it when they learned about the rats in the hospital and the 'worms' (maggots) that Florence found when she arrived.

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