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Life in 3D!

 3d shapes

This week in Newgate we have had a wonderful week exploring a variety of different exploration activities.

The children have been investigating different changes over time. The children investigated different ways to melt ice and observing how it changes back to water. This investigation soon led on to which materials float and which materials sink! Fantastic science investigations Newgate!

The children have really been focusing on 3D shapes this week. We have been singing 3D shape songs and identifying different shapes before going to snack time or break time. Not only have we been focusing on them in adult led activities but the children have been applying their knowledge within their play. We have been blown away with the museums, rockets and pyramids that have been built collaboratively in our outdoor area.

The children haven’t stopped there when concerning their mathematics. As last week the children have focused on sharing they have been challenging themselves to begin to divide into groups of 5. It has been fantastic to see the recording of their learning independently on Pic-Collage.

Sharing by 5

Thank you to all those who came to parents evening. It was wonderful for us to share the wonderful moments and achievements of your child’s learning so far in Newgate. For those parents who are coming with us on the trip on Tuesday we would like you to stay with us from 9am. Many thanks for your volunteering.

Next week is a 4-day week and therefore on Thursday 29th March we have a performance. Newgate will be supporting Bridgegate in this performance. On the Thursday Newgate will not need their book bags.

Please refer to the homework blog.

Miss Bowler, Miss Howarth, Mrs Thombs and Miss Wilberforce.

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