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Frozen veg

What a wonderful first week back.

Newgate were welcomed on Monday by some frozen vegetables and they needed our help. So, the children worked together to set the vegetables free. We spoke about the effects of heat on ice and changes overtim but the biggest question of all was who would have done this?

To find out, the children created wanted posters using the description they had been given by story world; something small, round and green. We later found out it was the Evil Pea… SuperTATO to the rescue!


After a surprise snowy day, the children applied their new learning focus to build a SUPER VEG SNOWMAN! This was fantastic and we were incredibly proud of the teamwork the children showed when working together to establish to greatest snowman in St Martins.

We have also been learning about money this week. We have focused on recognising the values of 1p, 2p, 5 and 10p coins. The children began to represent these values in different ways using 5 x 1p to equal the same as a 5p silver coin.

Mr FRuity

This week we have welcomed Mr Randall who has spent one week with us. He is currently studying for a PGCE qualification in Primary Education and Newgate have shown him what a magical year group reception class can be.

Please refer to the homework blog.

Miss Bowler, Miss Howarth, Mrs Thombs and Miss Wilberforce.

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