Lost & Found!

Lost and found1

Welcome back to Newgate.

This week in Newgate we have been very busy exploring our new learning theme - the story of 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. This story has started our learning journey this term all about penguins as one of the main characters in the story is a lonely penguin. The children wanted to learn about the flightless birds so that they could help the boy keep it safe and well and help return it to its home.

Newgate LF

The children watched videos and read books containing various penguin facts. Following this each child created a 'penguin happiness' poster where they drew and labelled the activities that penguins like to do to make them happy, such as eating fish, swimming and staying in large groups.

In our provision, the children have become the penguins and dressed up creating Penguin Island. We had visiting boats, fish designing parties and messages in a bottle.

We have really enjoyed our learning so far this week and we are looking forward to seeing where the penguin’s journey takes us next week.

Please refer to the homework blog.

Miss Bowler, Miss Howarth, Mrs Thombs and Miss Wilberforce.