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Diwali counting

This week, Newgate have been learning about Diwali.

We have celebrated traditional stories such as the story of Rama and Sita. The children really enjoyed how Sita’s return home is celebrated through fireworks and bright displays, a festival of light. The children transferred this learning to their play by creating a Diwali celebration shop. The children designed posters to advertise all the things you would need to have a wonderful Diwali celebration at home, with family and friends.

We also began to look at Rangoli patterns this week. We used play dough and beans to create symmetrical patterns. The children were very precise and focused during the activity and created some wonderful and creative patterns.

Diwali addition

We have continued to work hard on our number this week too. We have been counting carefully using 1:1 correspondence to ensure careful counting. This progressed to the introduction of addition. The children made the addition sign using their arms and carried out a fantastic addition rap. The children used their prior learning to help solve their addition problems. We will continue to work on this throughout the next few weeks. Our target as a class will be to focus on number formation. Therefore, it would be helpful if your child practised the accurate formation of numbers at home.

Please refer to the homework blog and thank you for your continued support with your child’s learning.

Many thanks,

Miss Bowler, Miss Howarth and Mrs Thombs.

Diwali 3

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