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Eastgate Homework: Friday,March 9th

Homework to be returned by Friday 16th March, 2018.

Maths: Mental Arithmetic - Next available clean page.

English: Spelling - Double Letters - Pages 10& 11.

Please use ‘Sumdog’ with your child at home. This is an interactive maths game you can play online, or download as an app onto an iPad. The children have had lots of experience with Sumdog, throughout their time in school and are now therefore experts! They each have their own username, password and school code, which most know off by heart, and can share with you. Should they not know the code we have sent a copy of the log in details home with them. Have fun!

Spellings – There are no spellings over the holidays, however you must practise the ones you got wrong over the course of the half term.

Handwriting – Please complete the handwriting poem that has been sent home.

Times TablesIt is essential your child is constantly practising their times tables at home, as times table knowledge underpins many mathematical concepts they will come across throughout school. An extra homework is now being sent home every week, to help the children practise this skill. The sheet has been sent home with your child, and they are to time themselves for 10 minutes, and see how many times tables they can correctly answer within that time. The idea being, every week the amount they answer correctly improves.

Spellings - Spellings should be learnt, off by heart, to be tested on 16.03.18

Reading: Listening to your child regularly is still a vital part of their learning journey as you can hear any misconceptions and provide lots of opportunities for comprehension by asking them about their reading, likes and dislikes, events, characters etc. Please encourage your child to read daily and complete this in their reading diary. Encourage your child to reflect on their reading and complete their book review in the free reading diary. Your child will not be able to change their book if it has not been signed by an adult at home or they haven’t read to you at least once.  Please ensure they complete their reading diary correctly, the teaching team provide support in school but it is vital that they are given support at home with this. They should be recording the date and page numbers they have read every time they are reading, whether to themselves or someone else. The children also now need to complete their book review after every book they have read. There are a basket full of blank book reviews in class. These will then be stapled to the page they have been recording reading that book on. Unfortunately they will not be able to have a new reading record until it has been completed correctly.

Please check the blog for an insight into your child’s week at school.

Thank you for your continued hard work, effort and support with your children at home.

The Year 4 Team.

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