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Copy of car

The children have had a ‘Spitfire-Tesla-Tastic’ week this week!

On Wednesday, Lawson’s dad and Ben’s dad very kindly bought their incredible, mind-blowing cars to school for the children to investigate and compare! Lawson’s dad bought his 6-month-old Tesla and Ben’s dad his 40-year-old Spitfire. This was to help the children compare and contrast cars from the past to the present. The children were absolutely blown away by the two cars - which were both extraordinary – and amazed at how the Spitfire could roar its engine, and the Tesla could dance! Through brilliant questioning and hands on experiences, the children were able to find out lots of information about both cars, which helped inform their written comparison texts in class.

BeFunky Collage

Likewise, as part of their topic work this week, looking at how local communities use transport, the children have been going (in small groups) into Hoole exploring the high-street, asking local businesses a number of questions. For example, questions such as what attracted them to set up their business in Hoole and how they travel here. As well as this, they also stopped local shoppers in the street to ask why they were in Hoole that day and how they had travelled to get there. This is part of a week-long investigation, which will span into next week, when more children will go back to the same shops and explore the origins and journey of the products they sell. It has been truly wonderful to see how much the children have thrived from the experience, and how they thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst learning so much about their local community.

Analysing Key features

We would therefore like to say a massive thank you to all who welcomed the children this week, with such open arms and enthusiasm – they cannot wait to come and find out about where your goods come from next week!

In addition to this, keeping with the transport theme, in English this week the children looked at and wrote non-chronological reports. They read a fascinating report on the futuristic and phenomenal Aeromobil. The children then went onto analyse the key features of non-chronological reports, used within the Aeromobil report, before picture mapping and orally rehearsing the text. After this, they drafted their own version of the report, using all the key features and sentence types they had learnt – Well done Eastgate.

3D Shape Properties

In maths this week, the children started the week by learning about 3D Shapes and their properties before moving onto to looking at measurements. The children worked practically at the beginning of the week, reading scales, measuring out different amounts in l and ml, and drawing lines in mm and cm. They then moved onto converting different measurements, by dividing and multiplying by amounts such as 10, 100 and 1,000. To finish the week, they looked at adding different lengths, as decimals, using mental strategies and column addition.

Maths Tuesday

Also, the children have been busting all their moves in PE this week making up their own class dance to “Walk like an Egyptian”. Travelling back in time in their very own time-machine, they have been practicing their gestures, motifs, transitions and their use of canon and unison within small groups. We are all really looking forward to seeing the final performance and showing it to the rest of school in our achievement assembly later this term!

Finally, in art this week the children have been using the ‘chest method’ where they draw over an original picture and use the indents to create this own! Using charcoal to bring out the indentation and wax for the outline and then splashed over with watercolour paint to bring out the creations, our classroom has been beautifully decorated with bicycles all linked in with our topic of transport this term.

Have a super weekend everyone. See you all on Monday!

The Year 4 Team.


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