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Eastgate Homework: Friday, December 15th

Topic Homework.

To be returned on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

As the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Colombia, famous explorers and pirates over this half term, as part of an extension piece of homework (which must be completed), the children are to design a fact file for a pirate or explorer of their choice.

There is a list of pirates and explorers they can choose from below. However, they can find their own pirate or explorer to make a fact fie for. 

The fact file must include: 

  1. What their name is.
  2. When they were born.
  3. When they died.
  4. Where they were from.
  5. What were they famous for?
  6. An interesting fact about them.
  7. Pictures

The children can add anything else they want to as well.

This fact file could be completed in a variety of formats. It is up to the children to decide. They could use the computer/ iPad or handwrite the fact file. It is entirely up to them.

Famous explorers

Famous Pirates

Sir Francis Drake

Ching Shih

Christopher Columbus

The Barbarossa Brothers

Ernest Shackleton

“Blackbeard’ Edward Teach

Neil Armstrong

“Long Ben’ Henry Every

Below is optional:

If the children want to (this part is not compulsory) they could also make a fact file on Colombia.

Things they could include are: -

  1. The official name of Colombia
  2. Capital City
  3. Language they speak
  4. Money they use
  5. The Climate
  6. How big it is.
  7. How it is related to Christopher Columbus.
  8. About the indigenous people
  9. 5 interesting facts about Colombia.
  10. Sayings in Spanish.

Thank you very much, and for the continued effort you put into your children’s learning at home.

The Year 4 Team.

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