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Travelling Sounds.


This week, in English, the children have been introduced to and read the book ‘The Journey.’ This is a story of immigration and the haunting echo of the truth behind it. The beautiful book explores the unimaginable decision to abandon your home and everything you know in the face of war' to start a story, which is your life in a whole new country. The children explored these ideas, through lots of discussion and by answering a series of comprehension questions to help them tune into the text. After this, the children were then introduced to a diary entry, written in the voice of the mother. The children thought about how the mother was feeling and why, before looking at key features of diary writing in preparation for writing their own. As well as this, they learnt about and analysed the key punctuation and grammatical features from within the text and how they are used to specifically impact on the reader.


Moreover, in maths, at the beginning of the week, the children consolidated their understanding of how to use grid method to solve multiplication problems, involving 2 and 3 digit numbers. The children then moved onto to learning how to use the long multiplication method to multiply large numbers. It is essential your child is constantly practising their times tables at home, as times table knowledge underpins many mathematical concepts they will come across throughout school. An extra homework is now being sent home every week, to help the children practise this skill. The sheet has been sent home with your child and they are to time themselves for 10 minutes to see how many times tables they can correctly answer within that time. The idea being, every week the amount they answer correctly improves.

This is also a song that some children have started practising in class, to help them learn their 6 times tables. It would be great to practise this with them at home.

Within the children’s topic work this week they have looked at a multiple of concepts. They began the week by looking at sound and sound waves, as well as how sound travels. The children discussed and learnt about how sound travels through the different elements, such as solids, liquids and gases. They thought about how, contrary to what they originally thought, sound travels quickest through a solid. The children acted this out outside, by timing how long it took to pass a sound whilst stood representing a solid (very close together) and then representing a gas (much more spread apart). They found it very interesting that they passed the sound through a ‘solid’ in 24 seconds, where as it took them 1 minute and 10 seconds to pass the sound through a gas. After this, the children completed a number of practical activities, which helped consolidate their understanding of how sound travels and vibrates whilst travelling.


Finally, this week, the children have been listening to, and making music from different cultures with Miss Walker. The children were really engaged and made some excellent compositions.

Another fantastic week Eastgate - Well done.

Have a great weekend everyone,

The Year 4 Team.


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