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Our Journey.

Collage 4

This week, in Eastgate, the children have been looking at all things culture!

The children’s transdisciplinary theme in Key Stage 2 this half term is ‘Who We Are.’ The title of the unit is ‘Who we are as a result of sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences.’ As part of this theme, the children will be exploring different cultures around the world, and what makes individual groups and people unique. To engage the children within this topic on the first day back, we had a super exciting ‘Culture Morning.’

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Over the holidays, the children were asked to research a particular culture and answer the following questions on it: - What country is the culture found in? What is the capital city of the country? What celebrations are part of the culture? How do they celebrate Christmas Day / Christmas Eve? What food do they eat? What is the predominant (main) religion within the culture? What do they typically wear? What kind of traditional music does the culture celebrate? The children created some amazing fact files, books and presentations, which they had clearly put a lot of effort into. They presented their projects to their friends during the morning and everyone was incredibly fascinated by the different facts. They were also asked to come dressed representing that culture on the first morning back. The children went all out and looked absolutely incredible! Well done Eastgate!

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Likewise, the children had the opportunity to experiment tasting different foods from different parts of the world. They tried foods from the following countries: - Scotland, China, India, France and Italy (it transpires we have a lot of vegetable samosa fans and surprisingly a fair few Haggis fans!). As well as this, the children engaged in an exciting Spanish lesson, with our Spanish teacher who visited for the morning - Alvaro Cubero. The children participated in a range of activities with him, such as: locating Spain on a map, practising saying typical greetings in Spanish, dressing up in typical Spanish attire, listening to traditional Spanish music and watching Flamenco dancing! They had a super time.

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Moreover, as well as looking at all the different cultures around the world, the children learnt about our British Values. Whilst one half learnt about and discussed the British Values with Miss Lester, the other half of the class made 'British Scones' as part of an afternoon tea session with Miss Walker!

In addition, during the children’s PSHE sessions this week, they listened to the book ‘You Be You,’ which is themed around expressing diversity, individuality, and acceptance within children. When Adri (the main character) sets out to explore the ocean, he has no idea how colorful the world is. He quickly discovers that there are all kinds of fish in the deep blue sea—big and tiny, smooth and spiny, colorful and plain, different and the same. The children then thought about what makes them unique and special. We also discussed how the ever changing currents of day to day life mean we have good days and some not so good days, but there will always be our favourite rockfish to keep us going amongst the waves. The children wrote down their 3 most special and unique qualities and contributed to the class display, which was themed around ‘We may all be different but in this class we swim together.’

In maths this week, with Miss Walker, the children have been learning how to find the perimeter and area of different 2D Polygons. The children looked at finding perimeter with all given shape lengths, and then used their problem solving skills to find missing lengths of 2D polygons before finding the perimeter of the shape. Moving on from this, the children used multilink cubes, to find the area of shapes by counting the cubes. The children then challenged themselves to see if they could solve the problem abstractly, by completing simple multiplication calculations such as 4cmx2cm - 8cm etc.


Penultimately, in English this week, the children had lots of fun with World Book Day, completing lots of fun activities, and even consateening and making their own books! The children took so much pride in them and were very proud, which was lovely to see. Aside from this, we were introduced to their new book for this Spring Term - The Journey. The children first investigated what was inside a mystery suitcase, which was in our classroom. They became police investigators and took lots of pictures of the evidence from inside the lost case, before creating a police report predicting who the case belonged to. The next day, the children all had sentence strips from the story and had to find the person who had the sentence following on from theirs and then listen to the story. The children had copies of particular pictures from the text and brainstormed lots of descriptive sentences about each of the pictures before writing their own descriptive piece of writing about one of the images.

Snow day collage

Finally, the children’s week was made by the arrival of snow! They had so much fun making snowmen and snow angels outside! A fantastically snowy time was had by all.

Overall, a very busy first week back for Eastgate and they have well and truly tried 100% with everything - well done everyone, we are so proud of you all.

Have a great weekend all,

They Year 4 Team.

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