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Time to Move.

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This week, in English, Eastgate have been writing formal thank you letters, to the local shops in Hoole who let us come into their shops and ask them questions, to help our investigation into how the local community uses transport. We first looked at formal letter writing features. We then had a group discussion about what our main paragraph themes could be. The children have drafted some gorgeous letters, which they will publish and hand deliver to the shops next week.


In maths, the children started the week by finishing off their time topic by practising drawing clock hands on an analogue clock, and thinking about the position of the hour hand in particular. Please continue to practise telling the time, on an analogue clock, with your child at home, as it is a very important life skill. This is a lovely game to engage your child.

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The children have also been practising rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenth and hundredth. They then moved onto look at ordering decimals, and converting fractions to decimals, using number lines to scaffold and support understanding.


In their RE and PSHE learning this week, the children have been thinking about success and failure. The children looked at a selection of very famous and successful people such as Walt Disney, JK Rowling and Bill Gates, who had to overcome massive failures and rejections before they persevered and succeeded. The children discussed how to be the best at something, you have to earn it and work for it. They also talked about how you don’t learn something new by always getting things right. In order to learn you need to fail in order to see what to do differently next time so as you can succeed. The children then thought about what success means to them and times where they have failed at something, but how in hindsight it made them more determined to prove themselves and others wrong.

On Thursday, the children also enjoyed immersing themselves in Chinese New Year Celebrations, when a Chinese Ribbon Dancing Workshop came to school - Well done Eastgate, you were fantastic!

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We would also like to add as a final note that next week, in Eastgate, it will be the children’s assessment week. These assessments have been taking place at the end of every half term, so are nothing new for the children. The assessments are a celebration of what the children know and are used to demonstrate the depth of their learning. However, we do use them as part of our evidence when assessing the children’s attainment against the curriculum standards so it is very important that the children take these assessments seriously. We therefore ask for your support in encouraging the children to be fully prepared for the busy week ahead by getting plenty of rest and eating a good breakfast!

Have a great weekend everyone,

The Year 4 Team.

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