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Eastgate Try Angles!


The children in Eastgate have had yet another non-stop week, with lots of new learning.

In English this week, the children have been learning about all things instructional. On Monday, the children baked some savoury pasties, by following a set of clear and concise instructions – our food critics gave them 5-star reviews! With their tummies all full up, they then used these instructions to identify all the key features of instructional writing, before orally rehearsing and picture mapping their own version of the instructions. The children worked hard to include their time connectives (or as we now call them in Eastgate - Fronted Adverbials of Time) within their writing. The children have written some fantastic instructions, which I’m sure they will be willing to share with you at home!


As well as this, in maths, the children have been introduced to yet more exciting and new geometry equipment – the protractor! At the beginning of the week, the children learnt about and revised the 4 main triangles – equilateral, right-angled, isosceles and scalene – and their properties. They then moved onto using the protractors to draw a variety of angles, before drawing the variety of triangles they had previously investigated. Using rulers, set squares and protractors the children all felt like real mathematicians. Likewise, in order to accurately draw the different triangles, the children learnt how all angles inside a triangle must add up to 180 ° and they used their problem solving skills to find missing angles.

The children have also been exploring transport timelines, and investigating how transport has changed generally over the past 500 years, and more specifically how the car has adapted and changed over the years. They researched the differences, using their iPads and PowerPoints, before writing a comparison piece about the changes.


This week, some children have asked if Eastgate could complete the Blue Peter Birthday Balloon competition in and Miss Walker listened to their demands. As Blue Peter is 60 this October, a special birthday hot air balloon is being created with one lucky child’s design on it. They designed their balloon and also wrote an inspirational message for Blue Peter’s Big Birthday and a paragraph (no more than 5 lines long) explaining how they came up with the design. Eastgate have made some beautiful designs, which even if not chosen, they should be incredibly proud of. We will be sending these off in the post tomorrow! Please see this website for more information: -

Finally, this week Miss Walker (our associate teacher from University of Chester) taught the class how to say “Hello” in Irish, which the class were very enthusiastic about.

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