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How Far We'll Go!

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Welcome back to you all and a very happy new year – it is lovely to see you everyone.

I hope you had a wonderful break with family and friends, making lots of special memories.

Firstly, Eastgate have had a fantastic first week back, throwing themselves back into their learning, with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. On Monday, the children worked in pairs to plan a trip to anywhere in the world. They had a £3,000 budget, not bad for two young travellers. Within that budget, they had to find the cost of flights there and back, accommodation, transport to and from the airport, then to the hotel, and at least 3 excursions, using 3 different modes of transport. To achieve this, the children had to actively use their mathematical skills, by keeping an eye on their budget, and tallying up the total money spent on the trip to see how much money they had left for spends. They then presented their fantastic trips to the rest of the class – well done Eastgate.

Moreover, in English, the children have been revisiting letter features, by analysing a letter I wrote to them about what I got up to over the holidays. The children have written some brilliant letters back to me, telling me all about their exciting adventures and wonderful Christmas presents. As well as this, they also revised the key sentence types we learnt last half term, and used them within their writing.


In maths, the children have been studying all things shape. They have named a variety of 2D polygons, from pentagons to trapeziums, and practised drawing these polygons too, using the setsquares from their geometry sets. Similarly, the children learnt about regular and irregular polygons before investigating how crazily they could draw them – we had some very interesting irregular decagons!

Lastly, as part of their PSHE, the children listened to a video audio of the book ‘How far I’ll go’ by Dr Seuss. In groups, they discussed what messages they thought came from the book and what Dr Seuss was trying to instil in our thinking about our journeys through life, as we grow up. The children then wrote about what their aspirations were for themselves in the future. I read some beautiful ambitions.

Well, have a lovely weekend everyone. See you all on Monday.

The Year 4 Team.

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