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It has been another amazing week in Eastgate this week.

The children kicked things off by writing up their descriptions of what it is like to be as cold as an ice hand. They produced some beautiful writing, which created vivid images. They were then introduced to a mysterious advert from a man called ‘Ernest Shackleton,’ who was recruiting ‘men only’ for a hazardous expedition! We had lots of discussion about what the potentially fateful journey could entail, before coming to a consensus as to whether the pros of going on the expedition, out weighed the risks. The children then wrote a character description about who Ernest Shackleton could possibly be, before being shown an alleged real life response to the advert, from ‘3 Sporty Girls.’ Shockingly, the girls proclaimed they were willing to dress as men, if it would result in Shackleton accepting them for the mission. We had lots of discussion about this, and thought about what we would write, should we wish to go.

Shackleton’s reply to the girls will be revealed next week! Don’t Google it – we want it to be a surprise!

Keeping with the explorer theme, Eastgate have been learning all about Colombia and the chronology of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus (the founder of the Americas) in their topic work this week. They have created some wonderful ‘passports to Colombia’ as well as a timeline of the key events in Christopher Columbus’s life.

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In maths, the children have been doing all things fractions! We have looked at finding fractions of amounts, making our own equivalent fraction girds, before challenging ourselves to mentally find equivalent fractions. Some super stretching of your brains this week Eastgate!

We have also dropped the ‘Christmas bombshell’ and started rehearsing our Christmas songs, a little early we know! The children already sound so beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to them perform at the end of the term!

Have a fun filled weekend with your family and friends everyone,

See you next week,

The Year 4 Team.