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The Agonies of Youth!

City Life 21

Eastgate have had another wonderful week.

We have been busy in maths, continuing to practise out multiplication and division skills. The children have been practising multiplying 2 and 3 digit number, using grid method, as well as dividing with remainders. They were also introduced to the new concept of dividing using ‘bus stop’ method, with which they have done incredibly well. Next week we will progress to solving multiplication and division problems, using the strategies we have learnt.

As part of the 'Newspaper' that we are writing with Northgate, in English this week we learnt how to write an 'agony aunt' section. We all became ‘Worry Wizards’ and responded to the worries of children from Bridgegate and Watergate! We learnt about and revisited key language features, which applied to agony aunts, such as imperative verbs, coordinating conjunctions and colloquial language. The children’s responses were ever so caring and thoughtful. I know the younger children will feel extremely reassured listening to or reading their advice, and knowing that they have an ‘Eastgate agony aunt / uncle’ to turn to when they are worried! Eastgate should be very proud of themselves.

Seasons Winter 5

During their PSHE session this week, the children considered the qualities of friends and they explored how to maintain friendships. We sorted pictures of different friendships and behaviours, discussing how friendships are important to us all, and that they make us happy most of the time but occasionally, things are said and done that make that friendship suffer. We learnt how to deal with difficult situations, by negotiating and compromising. We also talked about the importance of smoothing things over with our friends, and not holding grudges. The children finished by thinking about how to maintain happy and fun friendships, for example by ‘being kind’ and ‘treating others as you want to be treated.’

The children have likewise been practising their French oracy skills. They have been learning about how to talk about their family in French, by listening to and watching videos, talking to their partners, and learning songs. They have really enjoyed themselves.

Have a lovely weekend with your family and friends.

They Year 4 Team.

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