Busy Bridgegate!


Bridgegate have had a busy week.

They started the week building on their previous knowledge of skip counting and learned how to count on by fours. The children are becoming experts at their timetables using rhymes and songs to help internalise their new skills.

Facilitating the opportunity for your child to replay the song and games we use in class will consolidate their knowledge in preparation for the exploration of word problems, next week.

Counting by 4s (ADVERTS)

Skip Counting

Balloon Pop Maths - Skip Counting

Bridgegate also experienced another lovely morning in Watergate this week. Adding to last week’s creation of a Watergate Warrior, the children discussed the word ‘Action’. They concluded that ‘action’ is to do something and that when you do something things change. The children designed and decorated a pair of ‘Action Pants’, a necessity for every warrior.

On Wednesday, Bridgegate joined their buddies on a cultural trip to the Liverpool Philharmonic. The children were thrilled to see Cerrie Burnell read her book, Harper and The Scarlet Umbrella and listen to The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra perform with her. Bridgegate were attentive audience members and enjoyed dancing to some familiar songs.

On Friday, Bridgegate continued their exploration of the Hindu festival Diwali and learned about the use of Rangoli Patterns during celebrations. The children worked hard to create some decorative Rangoli art work- well done Bridgegate.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Team.