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Bridgegate's Bonds.

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Bridgegate’s fist week back at school has been very exciting… 

To kick-start the week, the children were welcomed into their classroom by a mysterious happening, where they found their classroom turned upside down. There where a range of clues that ‘The Porridge Thief’ had left behind. Being the detectives that they are, the children were enthused to document their findings, using Pic Collage, whilst noting their predictions of what had happened onto their carefully constructed collages, in a very artistic way.

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During literacy this week, Bridgegate were keen to further document the event they had witnessed on Monday morning, by verbally recalling and creating a detailed recount of their version of events, which Bridgegate later sent to PC Bartlett. The children’s written recounts included a range of exciting openers, precise time connectives, adjectives to clearly explain the evidence that had been found at the scene, quotes from the eye witness, ‘Bob the caretaker’, and a sign off. Throughout the week, the children have thoroughly rehearsed their recounts within their House Teams and have worked hard to confidently perform their script to their peers, as part of ‘Bridgegate’s News Report’, which will be filmed at the beginning of next week in the Bridgegate news studio. 

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To further their knowledge of what is included within a captivating newspaper report, the children have identified common newspaper features this week and have worked collaboratively to test their knowledge by: constructing a newspaper from scratch, using their newly acquired knowledge of what a detailed newspaper consists of, the importance of particular features such as images, a bold title, questions, quotes, a sign off and the 5 W’s and its layout. 

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Within math’s this week, the children have developed their knowledge and understanding of how to accurately represent and use number bonds to 10. Bridgegate worked both collaboratively and independently to visually match number bonds to ten, whilst created a range of number bond sentences by counting with counters and drawing a certain amount to support their counting skills. All of which, lead them to then, independently work through multiple challenging number bond sums, which required the children to use as many numbers as they could to create different number bond sentences to ten. 

For information regarding Bridgegate’s homework, please find the letter attached to the homework books the children returned home with on Thursday afternoon.

Overall, the children have had a very successful first week back at school and we hope you have a great weekend. 

The Year One Team. 

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