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Rainforest Adventure.

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This week in Bridgegate, the children have explored the fascinating story, ‘A River’, written by Marc Martin.

Bridgegate confidently immersed themselves in the beautiful illustrations that are displayed in the book, through creating a rainforest atmosphere in their classroom by using a range of rich-textured props, art which consisted of a variety of mediums and jungle inspired musical sounds. In doing so, the children imagined they were a part of a rainforest landscape, helping Bridgegate to successfully explore the young characters’ emotions throughout the story and effectively follow her journey. This led to a detailed discussion amongst all of the children in class, which encouraged Bridgegate to describe the variety of tropical settings that are displayed in the book, through the impressive use of adjectives that the children were encouraged to recorded through Pic Collages, to explain their experience of exploring the rainforest. 

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During math’s this week, Bridgegate have been challenged to develop their fluency in their timetables, by focusing on their 2s and 3s in depth. Through working within their house teams, as well as independently, all of the children have confidently completed a wide range of problem solving activities, that have required them to repeatedly justify their understanding and modeling how to complete their findings amongst their peers. To further support your child’s learning, please access the following interactive links:

All require Flash.

Interactive 100 square to play splat and count in 2s

Interactive dot to dot game

Interactive ordering numbers

Interactive catch the fish

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This week, Bridgegate have enjoyed becoming ‘mini Scientists’ and have been introduced to a range of everyday materials and their properties, through a whole class exhibition, which they were introduced to at the end of this week. During a range of independent, child-led learning opportunities, the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring materials such as wood, plastic, metal, leather and glass and have closely observed all of the materials in order to create labels for the materials exhibition, displayed in Bridgegate. Once complete, the children were encouraged to draw comparisons and differences through discussion with their peers, based upon the materials they were dealing with, to further explain their findings. The following is a link provided by BBC Bitesize, which explains materials and their properties in more detail:

Drawing an end to the week, the children had a fantastic time dressing up in their spots for Children in Need. Bridgegate looked wonderfully colourful on Thursday and the Year One Team would like to thank you for your efforts towards this special cause.

For information regarding Bridgegate’s homework, please find the letter attached to the homework books the children returned home with on Thursday afternoon.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend as always, 

The Year One Team.

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