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Wellbeing Week.

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On return to school, Bridgegate have enjoyed a very special week which has focused on their well-being and happiness inside and outside of school. The children have explored a range of relaxing and also challenging activities during their well-being week and this has enabled them to develop a set of skills amongst their friends and gain an understanding of the importance of making time for regular Headspace and activities, that promote their happiness. A popular way Bridgegate have done this is through frequent ‘Guided Meditation’, at a set time each morning, which helped the children to focus on their breathing techniques and prepare themselves for their day ahead. To access guided meditation at home, simply YouTube ‘Guided Meditation for children’ and a collection of stories provided by ‘New Horizon’ will appear.


To kick start the week, Bridgegate took their learning outside of the classroom and completed their Phonics Run Around outside, which enabled them to fully utilise their outdoor space and practice their pronunciation of new sounds the children are focusing on this half term, as loudly as possible! Alongside Mr. Randall this week, the children have completed a collection of vibrant firework art work, which they are extremely proud of, using the new technique of a resist with pastels and water coloUrs which collectively, was a technique that created depth in the children’s art work. Similarly, as an introduction to the new book, ‘A River by Marc Martin, Bridgegate will be reading as part of their new topic, the children have had the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom once more this week, by creating fascinating bird nests with Mr. Randall and investigating how reliable this habitat is during the winter season   for many different types of birds. 

To celebrate Bonfire Night, Bridgegate have identified the importance of firework safety this week as well as stranger danger, to ensure they are prepared for the darker evenings that are ahead. To do so, the children have researched the do’s and don’ts of Bonfire Night and have identified safe places and people who are in uniform they are able to trust when out in public spaces, to keep themselves and their families safe during this exciting season. To follow, children were enthused to explain their experiences of Bonfire Night and explored their senses to do so, by describing the tastes of popcorn, sights, sounds and smells they encountered over the weekend past, in class. As a continuation of the children’s learning and enjoyment the children received from celebrating Bonfire Night this year, Bridgegate have discovered the style of Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Rhyme and Personification within their poetry writing and have therefore, become aware of the appropriate literature needed to create exciting poems. 

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As an out of the classroom treat for Bridgegate, to further support them in understanding the importance of wellbeing and it’s role in ensuring the children can perform to the best of their ability in school, Bridgegate attended a Pizza making workshop at Pizza Express! The children were introduced to the skill of pizza making by the main chef and were guided to make their very own Margarita pizza, to which they then boxed up and brought home for an enjoyable dinner (hopefully!), delicious! On return to school, the children were enthused to complete a recount, based on their experiences of becoming ‘mini chefs’, all included a range of independently used time connectives, adjectives and punctuation the Year One Team were very proud of. Not only have the children become ‘mini pizza chefs’ this week, but Bridgegate  indulged in range of traditional Diwali food, by tasting the flavours and ingredients that are commonly used within the celebration of light. The children had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali this Wednesday and were interested to discover more about how Diwali is celebrated around the world through art. This led the children to create fascinating patterns outdoors, using colourful chalk and designing henna illustrations, which they later went on to creating using water colours and fine liner pen.

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