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Learning to the Letter.

BeFunky collage 5 

This week, Bridgegate have worked to identify letter features in more detail, within their House Teams, to challenge their knowledge and understanding of the correct layout a letter follows. This prompted great discussion and learning opportunities amongst all children and encouraged them to reflect upon their own experience of writing and receiving a letter at home, which doing so, has enthused the children to write letters to each other this week, during their independent learning time. To follow, the children planned a well thought out letter in response to the friendly dragon, Danny. When doing so, Bridgegate correctly identified all the features of a letter and independently wrote the sender’s and recipients address, the date, opening and closing, sign off, and most importantly, the main body. In addition, the children’s writing included a range of fantastic adjectives, connectives and thoughtful context, explaining how each child forgave the dragon for his invasion, earlier this month. 

BeFunky collage 18

During Maths this week, the children have worked very hard to extend their knowledge of 'one more’ and 'one less’, by exploring the language of ‘fewer', ‘greater' and 'equal to'. The children engaged in a range of  collaborative learning activities, where they practiced using the visual symbols, 'more than' and 'less than’, which encouraged all children to use their newly acquired language to explain and justify their findings within problem solving activities. 

Please continue to support your child’s fluency in counting by them practicing skip counting:

Following the enjoyment the children received from focusing on themselves and their own well being during World Mental Health day last week, this week Bridgegate have explored a range of new and exciting strategies  they would like to incorporate into their learning, daily. In doing so, the Year One Team are working alongside the children to permit them to have an adequate amount of time to focus on themselves and their own happiness, based on what activities they enjoy and their innate curiosity, as we recognise children's mental wellbeing is vital to their learning.

If you wish to practice Headspace and Mindfulness activities at home with your child, please access the following links: 

Headspace: Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness Activities for Children: Article

As a reminder, the children will not have a spelling test next week, due to the focus being put on alternative forms of assessment as we reach the end of the children’s first half term. The Year One Team send our apologies for not removing the spellings from this week's homework sheet. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

The Year One Team.

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