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Keeping Faith.

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To kick start the week, the children enjoyed exploring instructions in more detail. Bridgegate were thrilled to watch a video blog by the chef, Deliciously Ella and carefully followed a set of instructions to make a fantastic set of Dragon Fruit ice pops. When doing so, the children were keen to record the adjectives they used within the discussions they had with their peers, to best describe their ingredients. To follow, the children were encouraged to independently sequence the set of instructions they had followed, using creative illustrations, as a way to consolidate their understanding of each area of a set of instructions. 

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Additionally, this week, the children have identified the features of a letter within their Literacy work. To do so, the children discovered a mystical letter that had been sent to their class, Bridgegate, from an apologetic dragon. Through working collaboratively within their House Teams.

Bridgegate quickly developed their understanding and awareness of the location of 'the opening’, ‘recipients address’, ‘questions asked’, ‘main body’, ‘sign off’ and the 'sender’s address’ within the letter they had received which doing so, developed their confidence in drafting their own letter back to the dragon which they will continue to develop next week. To support your child with the process of letter writing at home, it would be beneficial to read a letter alongside your child, to encourage them to identify the features they have learnt, as listed above. 

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Towards the end of this week, the children had the pleasure of walking to All Saints Church. Their visit enabled the children to observe the church’s traditional architecture, as well as the fascinating features inside and outside of the church. The children had a fantastic time discovering the special events that take place inside a church in greater detail, whilst taking in the many symbols displayed in the church, through completing a ‘symbol hunt' alongside their friends. In doing so, this offered Bridgegate the quiet opportunity to reflect upon, why the church is a special place for many people, including Christians and allowed them the opportunity to discuss how they felt when inside of a church. 

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This week, the children have taken part in a series of exciting Maths lessons alongside Mr Randall, to develop their ability to count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals. Bridgegate have worked extremely hard when exploring a range of concrete resources within collaborative learning opportunities and demonstrated they are able to confidently read a 100 square, to  translate this onto a numberline, in order to complete a number line 0-100. 

To support your child with this area of their Mathematical understanding at home, please access the following links: 

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Caterpillar Ordering

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