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Poppies Galore!

BeFunky collage 5

This week in Bridgegate, the children have had the unique opportunity to take part in St Martin’s whole school Poppy Project, run by Paul Cummins. Kick-starting Monday morning, the children embarked on their poppy making adventure to mark the hundredth year since the end of the First World War on the 11th November 1918. Firstly, the children explored the many Cestrian soldiers who fought in the war, by identifying their names and engraving them into the clay. This clay was then later used by the children to create their individual poppies creating specific designs that commemorated each soldier who died in the war. Once Paul Cummins has fired and glazed the children’s poppy designs they will be displayed as part of a cascade of flowers, at the front of school.

BeFunky collage 14

In addition, this week the children have enjoyed working collaboratively to create a well-designed dragon trap outdoors using netting, wooden blocks, a juicy cut of meat and a large spade! This challenging activity required Bridgegate to work together to recall a set of instructions necessary to trap a dragon and in doing so, the children successfully remembered the features of a set of instructions with regards to the use of lists, time connectives, adjectives, a bold title and subheadings within their discussion. To follow, each child was enthused to then create a visual picture map, to represent the process they endured when working to trap the dragon outdoors which later prompted the children to use actions to retell their experience amongst their friends.

During Maths this week, the children have explored the process of counting up to 20 objects reliably by skip counting and practicing the skill of pointing when counting in order to ensure they are accurately counting a given amount. The children enjoyed working both in their House Teams and independently, to count a range of classroom objects and to follow, went onto recording and comparing their findings with their peers to clarify their answers. To support your child with this skill at home, you may wish to access the following links:

Teddy Numbers

In Religious Education this week, Bridgegate have enjoyed exploring the place of worship for Christians. The children have identified the many reasons why a Church is a special place for Christians and have developed their awareness of the common features a Church displays, as well as the importance of the architecture design of churches, such as the bell tower, stained glass windows, the altar and an organ.

We recognise the children are working extremely hard in class and at home and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year One Team.

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