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A Healthy Appetite.

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This week in Bridgegate, all of the children have enjoyed creating balloon art, inspired by Banksy’s Art Work, to display what they wish to achieve when they transition into a ‘Watergate Warrior’ at the begging of their new academic year, after the summer holidays. The children have chosen a range of wonderful aspirations which they wrote down, these included earning a blue certificate and head teachers award, attending school trips and a residential, along with creating fantastic pieces of art work and writing to display in their new classroom!

In Literacy this week, Bridgegate have begun to further develop their understanding of the features of newspaper reports, by matching a variety of newspaper features to their definition within their House Teams, recreating the layout of a newspaper report and including all of the key features, whilst providing a definition to consolidate their understanding of the importance of a bold Headline, Photograph, Introductory Paragraph, Main Paragraph, Closing Paragraph and Byline to consolidate their knowledge. Acting as ‘Bridgegate Editors’ once more, the children have taken part in a newspaper hunt this week, to explore as many popular, local newspapers as possible and analyse their key features, ticking them off on a chart list! In doing so, this motivated all of Bridgegate to explore the different use of Headlines and Captions in newspapers this week and work towards creating their own gripping Headlines amongst their peers. These included the use of exciting alliteration, rhyme, questions and puns, which effectively were matched to a range of bold newspaper headline photographs. Towards the end of this week, the children have all successfully begun to write their own newspaper article about an elephant that has escaped the zoo! It has been great to see Bridgegate motivated to include all of what they have explored over the past weeks within their reports, such as the use of a bold Headline, the 5 w’s within their introductory paragraph, exciting questions, informative quotes, the use of punctuation to list events and even time connectives, to complete a fantastic writing report, well done Bridgegate!

To prepare the children for a healthy and active summer, Bridgegate have explored the concept of healthy eating in class this week. To kick start the week, Bridgegate revisited the skill of observational drawings and composed beautiful still life drawings of different fruit bowls, using pencils to sketch and bright pastels to add detail and depth to their drawings by shading. To follow, as a whole class, the children then went onto exploring healthy and unhealthy foods and physically identified which food groups should belong on their plate, in order to stay active and healthy and to maintain a balanced diet. All of the children had lots of fun categorising different foods and confidently explained their reasons for eliminating certain foods from their plate and adding different carbohydrates, diary and protein to their diets, for them to grow big and strong! Stretching their Bridgegate brain further, the children were enthused to then complete a Bridgegate healthy food menu, full of delicious recipes and drawings, to further exemplify their understanding of the importance of a varied diet and how these can impact our health and well being. 

Next week, Bridgegate will be enjoying a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ alongside Newgate, to celebrate the end of their academic year and all of their successes. Therefore, next Thursday will you please ensure your child attends school with their favourite teddy bear or fluffy toy to join in on the fun!

Enjoy your weekend as always and here is to the last week in Bridgegate, 

The Year One Team. 

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